Teleporting enemies at my back in empty rooms

As the title says, it’s really frustrating, when the game teleports enemies at our back.
Many times, we clean a room or get in an empty room, check for crates, turn back, and 1 or 2 enemies right behind our back.
Same with corridors, or paths where we just came from. Nobody is there, but after 3 seconds, something hits my back. I turn around and a single pox walker tries to kill me. Where did he come from?
In one mission, I killed 3 or 4 enemies and nobody was around, went straight for 2 meters, turned around and a single enemy was behind my back. WTF?!
We all know, it’s a really cheap, early 2000’s game mechanic. Please fix this! It’s not just annoying, but really immersion-breaking. Darktide doesn’t need to rely on these kinds of cheap tricks.


Hard agree, if the enemies clearly cam from a doorway or something sure. But many times now I have seen these enemies pop into existence behind a friends back already winding a swing or raising gun to shoot.

Its annoying and feels very cheap to take chip damage from enemies who get rando spawned in.


Yeah. That’s what I’m about! Empty room, with 1 door (where I came in), nobody is inside, get to open a crate at the end of the room, open it up, turn around, and the enemy is there already hitting me.
And yeah, I’ve seen this popping behind my friend’s back too.


Having the exact same problem. Becomes a problem at heresy difficulty and up.


“Monsters jump out of closets” was the key negative review of Doom 3 which was … a long time ago. It’s a stale game mechanic from the early days of games that needs to be forgotten. It was old and busted in 2004, FFS.

During a horde spawn, sure, it makes sense to have them coming from everywhere, but only then. Even the few stragglers you didn’t clear that eventually catch up to you are overdone (not bad in principle, but they chase long after they’ve lost sight of you).


It’s lazy design to make the game arbitrarily harder.

You can see it happening in this video. 03:15


I don’t think its enemies teleporting or spawning behind us. Not directly anyway.

I think what’s happening is, because we’re often in enclosed spaces, there are spawn closets everywhere. Tonnes of little nooks and crannies above the player path that enemies spawn in and fall down from.

Before I ragequit due to lack of Solo & Private I started trying to observe where enemies come from, and most of these surprise enemies drop down from spawn closets above the player path.

When you enter a new room or space, look around above you. You will start to notice little holes, doors, tunnels, and catwalks all over the place that act as spawn closets.


I’ve seen several videos of people walking past empty corners with no possible entryway, only to be smashed in the back by a random mook not a full second later - sometimes even tag-teamed on both sides in this way. I’ve experienced it myself with friends in the opposite direction; we’ll walk into a room, see nothing, and then - pop - two reapers and a horde will snap into existence in front of us.

It’s definitely happening, and it’s contributing nothing to the game playing whack-a-mole like this.


I agree too … this gameplay mechanics was really annoying, especially i you do a penance “don’t get hit by melee” for the whole mission … allways fail, hitting in my back by a monster spawn from nowhere :frowning: . allways have a teammate at your six to protect your ass … funny for him.


U guys just dont get it, they just spawn in behind u so they can check your backpocket for some spare change to get some more premium currency. xD

For real though the spawns are really questionable. Poxbursters can literally spawn in a backroom right behind u without giving u any chance to shoot at it to give an example. But we know where their priorities lie and thats milking cutomers so i wont expect anything major change until at least a year down the line.

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It’s literally in the video above your post.


I’m not to keen on enemies spawning locations, at times, it feels like the indeed spawn behind you.
With some maps, their is an actual door that opens and in other areas they come dropping down from above, may their be a ledge or a door, sometimes it’s difficult to actually see where they are coming from and sometimes it is obvious. But yes, plenty of times, I’ve been chopping around me to swat away and kill one group of attacks all around me feels bad.

This might be a wrong impression/observation, but for me, when I’m in more spacious levels with high(er) levels of elevation, I much more often deal with ‘spawn’ and enemies coming from the rear. When in cramped and more confined spaces, their are more often visual doors they come through and players can ‘act’ upon.

Also, I’m not entirely certain, but wielding a melee weapon provides you an audio warning of an incoming attack (outside you visual view) and means to ‘act’. When wielding ranged weapons, I’ve never observed hearing this audio warning so, I’m always ‘surprised’ when getting hit.

Look at the video i linked. It spawns in as hes turning round. I suspect an increase in FOV allowed this to be caught. Knowing fs itll probably assume default at all time.

And I think that enemy jumped down from a spawn closet above the walkway.

I’d log in to check, but I’m trying to minimize my gametime so I have the best chance of a refund if the devs fail to deliver on their Solo and Private mode promises.

It clearly spawns in plus there is no walkway above that section.

I’d like to run some tests to be sure, since that whole area is littered with pipes and geometry above and below the main walkway.

Also I’m wondering if that hatch in the corner is a spawn closet or an enemy access point.

But yeah, can’t test it myself cuz of the continued lack of Solo and Private mode.

looks like it climbed up from below to me.

reason i dont think this just spawned is in part the animation (it looks to be standing up) and secondly i have seen it spawn packs in direct view, never seen it spawn singles .

ive made a post about it , but if you go back to vermintide 2 and pay attention there are soo many more audi quest for these trash mobs, even base clan rats announce on spawn , bark on aggro and make constant noises as they move towards you, all that is missing from DT these hordes are basically silent it makes it veryt much feel like stuffs just poofing into existence right behind you , because thats all the game is telling you.

not only our back but I’ve seen group of em straight up pop out in front of me, no door , not at the dark corner but empty floor. right in front of my eyes.

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Just play the video back at the slowest youtube speed and you see it appear in.

I did more than that, I went frame by frame.

Its why I think that particular enemy either jumped down from above or climbed up from below, because the first frame we see him he’s already in somesort of movement animation.