51 days since open beta. 51 things we still need badly

I hope they make more dynamic swaps than just the boltgun. Still dozens of bolt-pulls every swap that are gross. Make them cool like the revolver draws and these new bolter ones. Zealot/Veteran grenade is especially bad for me. You can’t cook grenades, but you pull the pin every draw like you’re about to. And then you stow this grenade with no pin back in your pocket. Its completely goofy to watch.

Also please let there be more flow through into melee combat like you want everyone to do. Maybe a couple of weapons need long draws but they’re also on a ton of not powerful weapons like the stubber, on top of its trigger delay and giant M2 deploy time.

And most importantly please actually change Stamina regen so that dodging does not touch the delay. I’ve seen this ‘confirmed as a bug’ numerous times and its kinda an important game functionality to be aware of. Is it going to change? Is your own design intent not to want the dodge meta to end? Let people use pushes.

+1 to all.

  • 18: needs expanding.

Everybody shut up! Let him speak!


I said what I said because it needed saying.

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About the cheat spawns, I’ve noticed that a lot (way too many really) of enemy spawns are just holes in the ceiling or catwalks high overhead. When enemies appear up top they drop straight down to the ground without making any sound. Sometimes the drop is very long, what seems like 20-30 feet or even more.

The player does not expect this to happen because any reasonable person would expect you to break your legs if you tried to do this, OR at least make some amount of sound. So from the player’s perspective enemies might as well be using a star trek telepporter because they just appear instantly in places entirely devoid of enemies.

The regular spawn areas are not much better. Hatches and doors in the walls make no sound when they open so an entire patrol of shotgunners and shooters can exit a wall right behind you and kill you dead before you even know what happened.


That’s not a cheat spawn, if you can see them on the way in… although if they fall 20 feet that SHOULD make a sound. What this is … is they just blip in. I’ve seen it in exterior maps where I jumped down to a lower balcony and just before I landed 'POOF" 20 dreg shooters and two ogryn appear on that ledge.

Fair amount of video on the forums though.

This thread had several videos, but it looks like only one is functional for me at the moment… Teleporting enemies at my back in empty rooms

EDIT: Here’s one of the videos showing it. It’s bad enough in front, it’s worse behind. No more cheat spawns. You can skip to 7 seconds for the moment.


Comon devs. The community has spoken.

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Of course, you could get a bit more canon…


There’s a lot of Ogryn in there, do you play one per-chance?

Nice post BTW - can’t believe I read it all.

I don’t remember, it’s been so long…


  1. Poxwalkers being exploded inside a horde actually damaging the horde, at least knockback the zombies if no dmg.

54.Shotgunners recovery, they seem immune to suppression

  1. Phantom hits (melee and ranged) very noticible on headshot. blood and sound effect AND hit marker but no DMG.

  2. Mutant throwing you through walls

  3. Mutant quick turn while charge. (it is getting better, but still sometimes…)

  4. Dog on a skateboard 360 no scope pounce.

  5. Players picking up ammo like it Halloween

  6. Mini-boss kill with no end screen metric/points

  7. Mini-boss spawn rooms being squeeky clean (at least put a few bueboes or yellow taint)

  8. Gunners lazer aim through walls (specifically when they shoot through cracks in the floor above you)

  9. enemy accuracy at 100%. No one rolls 6 every time.

  10. Revive progress bar sometimes not showing up. causing confusion.

  11. Zlot charge and Ogryn charge immediately stopped if shot the moment you activate the ability. (they should leeroy)

  12. Dodging after releasing a charge heavy attack sometimes breaks/cancels the animation, causing you to not swing and reset. very frustrating.

  13. Clunky sliding losing momentum

  14. If ogryn grenade box doesnt explode, players should be able to pick up grenades

  15. pressing the obj button immediately will cause a UI bug and the main obj will stay there, visually


Love those!

But… you should have put something more fun in the last number. :wink:

This. But they’ll never do it. Too much effort, why build a good game with unique & varied weapons. Just artificially gimp and buff the stats until they all perform about the same. It’s the Fatshark way.


Seems like a good time to bump this list.

Who is this we you speak of?? Speak for yourself noob. This is a fake problem people come up with when they are unable to listen for the sound queue of a nearby enemy about to hit them and unable to react in time. The sound queues in this game work well and if you use them then you wont get hit in the back by enemies that snuck up on you because you had your back to one of the doors they walk out of.

See the video above noob. Just because you haven’t been observant enough to notice it doesn’t mean it isn’t a thing.

Heck, I’ll make it easy and put the link here.

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First of all this video is old. Second of all these enemies spawned in front of these people not behind. And lastly this was right after an elevator which most likely means they just spawned in late. I never feel like enemies sneak up on me because i listen to the audio queue. This changes nothing. Learn to use your ears amd dont say stuff with the word “we” in posts because i have 0 issue with the spawns in this game.

Sorry noob, we all want cheat spawns ended… but if you want to exempt yourself, you can.

WE want cheat spawns ended.

Sorry you didn’t know about them. TBH, I didn’t know they were in v2, but since then I’ve gotten to see lots of vids on that too. Your ‘first’ is bad because no updates in months until just now, your ‘second’ is just the cheat spawn better demoed, happens behind too and quit often, and your three is off base because there’s confirmed issues with the audio in game. Heck, sometimes the daemonhost doesn’t even make a sound until it activates.

Now, I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about fixing the cheat spawns, but we’re all hoping we will soon.

EDIT: Since you didn’t know about them, here’s the last big thread I remember on cheat spawns. Sadly a lot of the videos don’t work anymore, but maybe someone there can help you find them, if you actually have a desire to learn.

funny how these so called cheat spawns affect you but not me…its actually just a strait up skill issue. classic bad gamer move when they die/lose they blame it on cheaters.

Yea. You need to git gud at knowing what’s going on.