Teleporting enemies at my back in empty rooms

It’s in your head. It spawns in.

That video is a really good catch. I’ve seen enemies spawn in in front of me, but I haven’t been able to confirm if they spawn right at my back. It can be hard to tell with how they constantly stream in from every angle in some arenas. I’m fine with them spawning behind a crate or around a corner to simulate them waiting in ambush, but there needs to be a distance to player limit of some kind that’s more reliable than what we have.


Sorry, but I have seen enemies physically spawn in in front of me during the CBT and it never looked like that. It was always large groups far away, not singular enemies close by. And they always spawned in in a neutral state.

From the very first frame we see that one enemy, he is in a movement state. The player turns back to look because he hears the enemy groan, which is a noise they do make when they’re in their jumping down or climbing up animations.

As I said, I’d have to run tests in that area before I can feel confident that that’s what happened, and I can’t do that until Solo and/or Private lobbies are available.

Not saying that video was an occurrence of it happening since it is hard to see for that particular video, but maybe you are new to Tide games because its literally a feature to sometimes spawn an enemy behind players when they are offscreen for every players camera. This has been confirmed by many people in vermintide 2, I myself have seen it happen to a teammate. They dropped down into the next room and I was still up on the ledge watching and I saw an enemy spawn in and instantly swing at them.

It doesnt matter at all if you believe it or not, that doesnt change the fact that it happens and they should look into removing it because it can be really cheap sometimes, which is what this post is about.

Edit: before you even try to say that this isnt a thing, here is an absolute mountain of evidence that says otherwise

Mauler popping in on the left side
Marauder spawns behind teammate infront of them
beastmen group spawning near tree
Rat ogre spawn
ratling spawn in the brief moment everyone looked away
Mauler spawn left side on the edge of the screen
Marauder spawning behind cart
Enemies spawning complaint
beastmen spawning
Stormvermin patrol spawning
Clan rats spawning
Beastmen banner group spawning
Packrat spawning

Here is a quick one I found that proves the spawn system in darktide works exactly the same. Its how the game spawns things. There is no arguing this
Darktide spawns enemies the moment they are offscreen


Thanks. These videos are a lot more conclusive. I was aware of the game spawning in groups of enemies in Darktide, but not singular enemies in Vermintide.

Once Solo and Private gets added I’ll keep an eye out and maybe run some tests to figure out the limit of Darktide’s enemy spawning.

This is a thing in VT2, has always been.

The community will tell you it’s fair and a way to keep you “aware of your surroundings” and also “listen for the audio cue before you get hit” as if any of that justified enemies popping out of thin air a millimeter behind you and already charging an attack.


I’ve never seen this argument before, on the FS forums at least.

Most people agree that it’s likely a bug and it’s super immersion breaking.

Extremely common on reddit, in my experience at least.

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Enemies will in fact materialize out of nowhere, apparently even just one at a time. Dude just slides out of a wall.


Huh… I starting to wonder if its intentional behavior for enemies to spawn in corners specifically.


While its entirely unfair and just feels weak and lame, it’s been a “feature” of vermintide 2 for years. Hell, when wind of Magic Expansion launched ENTIRE HORDES of beastmen would spawn behind a tree and pile out to give you a good old fashioned kicking.

It invokes a sense of paranoia that is often rewarded. Assume some d1ckhead is about to clock you on the back of the head and you’re 99% right.


We had a game earlier where an entire patrol gunned us down when they spawned in a wall. Yeah, that’s fun.

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The maps are big enough and compartmentalised enough for this not to be necessary. It’s lazy.


There are doors along walls that can quickly open up and release an enemy at a moments notice and this “mechanic” doesn’t give a damn about things like fairness or logic.

It doesn’t feel like a big deal on the first two difficulty settings, but it gets kinda cringe on higher. I caught a goon who spawned right behind our back on Damnation and managed to kill him before he exited the passive pose, but it would have been pretty annoying if he tagged someone in the back for a big chunk of damage.

Managed to capture this phenomenon to add to the evidence of it.


Yep. Even worse when they pop in a surprise guardman squad or ogryn. It happens. Feels horrible every time.


First, thank you for the video. Big help to being sure this is what happened and you didn’t just miss one.

THIS NEEDS TO GO. I had good situational awareness in V1 and V2.

This is cheating by the game. I had this happen a while back. I looked around, no one. I step, take a hit. I turn around in the empty room and cut down a poxer, and get hit again, turn around and there’s another poxer.

FFS if you are going to magic in enemies give us a damn minimap with a radar in it so I can know when they magic in.



It’s super annoying when you’re playing a ranged character who’s using a weapon that can be interrupted.

This won’t go, you either learn to live with it or quit the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE for this to go, but this has been a thing for YEARS in vermintide, and it has NEVER been fixed, not sure if it has even been addressed by fatshark at all.

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