Why is my back a monster closet?

I’m standing out in an open room and every time I turn around, I am hit in the back. It’s bad enough that in my last mission, I was walking a direction, got hit from behind, checked to make sure the area in front of me is perfectly clear, turned around to hit the thing that hit me in the back, and was hit for having the temerity of turning around. I am literally standing out in the open, there’s no roof over my head, it’s the area where the giant flesh tower is in the scanning mission. Poxwalkers were literally spawning in behind me like I was at an edgy anime convention and every single weeb there had their powers turned on. I’d have accepted this if it was once or twice, but it happened enough times that I was beaten, one hit at a time, from full health and toughness, to death.


Agreed, the amount of turbo-back spawning feels wrong. VT2 had it nailed. DT feels like daemon warp wizardry teleports.


What difficulty was that in?
I have teached many newcomers in Vermintide 2, where you were never sure about your back, to look behind your should or fight back to wall. Never assume that your back is safe.
And I feel the same in Darktide.
Though, I wonder what are the mechanics and numbers, possibly @SpaceWizard is right and a fine tuning is needed to reach a good compromise and balance of Vermintide 2.

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While poxers and other trash enemies seem to spawn in from nowhere in your back, I’ve noticed they actually do spawn in the intended places most of the time; the problem is there are spawnpoints almost everywhere. The ceilings, the floors, the doors… And the game seems to intentionally make stuff spawn behind you when your ranged weapon or grenades are out.

The other issue is that they make zero noise. In VT2, it’s pretty easy to hear a single chaos slave approaching because they yell, talk, and otherwise make a lot of noise. But no, Poxers and scab fighters are eerily silent all the time !


Go inside a room → “All Clear” → turn around → get hit from behind → repeat


Both in Vermintide and Darktide you should always assume there is someone behind you. Never sit with your back to a door. Also a useful tip in real life.

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You’ve got a way with words brother, lol’d heartily at your post

I agree there’s something off here though, I’ve played plenty of VT2 and yeah you’ll sometimes get that one stupid little Skaven slave ruining your entire existence with a little poke from his stick after you’ve killed 70 million of his brethren, but here it happens all the time, even when I’m 10000% sure there’s nothing around me cause I have that impulsive reflex to do a 360 spin of my surroundings every 5 seconds.

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That’s also my issue

You don’t hear them until it’s too late

It got to a point where one time we heard a horde alarm, everybody braced, and suddenly i got KO’d because the horde was right behind me and nobody heard them

50 Poxwalkers sneaked behind my back in a couple seconds, no noise at all

There are definitely sound issues


Poxwalkers in particular are very quiet… There might be a bug somewhere.

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There is the same mechanic as in Vermintide, where is some weak enemy is spawned from behind from time to time. The problem is, enemies in Darktide can spawn through the doors near you. Together we have what we have. They should restrict enemy spawn through this damned doors when players nearby, or make better spawns, preferably.

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These doors need to make a loud sound when they open. It’s not rocket science…


2? I don’t remember the names, it was literally 2 bars. I always note the spawn points, but when a bloody poxwalker does his best anime protag impression and pops into existence, on my screen, while I’m watching someone else’s back, there’s a considerable issue. I don’t mind the doors, or the crawling up or dropping down aren’t that big an issue. This thing spawned there. Then three more spawned alongside it.

Haha, I love your anime protag comparison :smiley: You made me laugh again, thank you!
And I understand your feelings and thoughts, I can even agree that it would be nice to be sure about cleared rooms, I’m used to is as well from single player, story-heavy games.

But first, we are not descending into sublevels to feel nice :smiley: but to fight for Emperor and eventually for our extremely fragile lives.
Second, this is not single player story rich game, and mechanics should always follow the genre. And the genre is Horde co-op, and you are supposed to never feel safe.
Third, the gameplay was architected very carefully, they’ve spent a lot of work on developing and discussing this in effort to achieve some effect (on player).
It’s a design. It’s not random.

And hell, I was having fun in VT, I am now in DT, so I trust them and let them make their own game for me to enjoy. If pox walkers come from every corner, then I check my back from time to time and focus on my senses to hear everything, react to everything. And I learned to love it!

I hope that makes sense :slight_smile: For the Emperor!

PS. I found that there are hundreds of doors on every level that are inaccessible to players, but accessible to enemies. Maybe that can explain, either in fact (with doors animation) or abstractly (with just teleporting enemies).
PPS. If you have time, observe how enemies try to encircle player characters. If there is one fighter, in few seconds he will start getting hit in back not because of spawn, but because enemies actively try to move around him. That’s why coherency exists and forming (and holding) a line makes room for heroes to move and win. I’m not saying that they are not spawning in cleared rooms, but that it’s a part of the gameplay and this can change your perception (if you feel cheated/angry).

They do, although it can be hard to pick out. It sounds like pneumatic doors opening, kind of like a rrrrrrrrrrrrr sound. Try standing near the doors on one of the Data Interrogation objectives. It’s easier to notice when you’re close to them, and after that you’ll start picking out the sound more often.

Could be louder/better though.

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I have paid careful attention to these things, how do you think I know what a monster closet is? They are literally spawning ON the player. I have eyes, I can see where these things are coming from. They do try to encircle the players, but remember how I describe this: area clear> take a hit from behind> scan to make sure it’s clear> turn around>kill> start from the beginning. I have seen these things pop into existence. There’s no movement, no animation of this stuff arriving, it’s not the same as being chased by something that climbed up from a gutter or something.

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yee was noticing this a lot yesterday.

Saw full entities spawn in right next to my teammates then hit them. Not cool.

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My personal favorite has become…

“As soon as a Trapper has netted a player, spawn a Burster and/or Bomber within 2 seconds of them.”

This happened to me multiple times last night on Malice and it was making my blood boil. Vermintide 2 did the same kind of crap but at least it wasn’t an enemy that would literally down you in one attack and nuke the rest of the party’s HP.

Knock this crap off. That isn’t fun, it’s just ****ing cheap. I’ve never like Suicide Bomber enemies. They sucked in VT2 but at least they were restricted to special events. Keying those spawns off of incapacitated players is one thing. Spawning them to guarantee they get downed is crap though.