Enemys spawning in your back without sounds needs to be looked at

In case you are not familiar: DOOM is infamous for spawning enemys in your back and everywhere really to artificially increase difficulty (through “portals” that spawn)

I know Darktide has LOTS of doors through which enemys come from to flank you and attack you from the back but it’s just not a fun concept…
VT2 has waves coming from the back but they are always signaled with a horde sound so you know what’s up. There is hords in DT as well but more often than not small amounts of enemys show up in your back withour you beeing any the wiser. Thats a problem…


There’s lots of audio issues in general. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but I’m fairly certain Darktide is just built off of a fork of Vermintide 2 from around its release, as plenty of major bugs from around then are present in Darktide. One of the most prominent being the issue of silent specials.

I know there’s also bugs with some enemies such as ragers being totally silent right now. I’m not sure if I’ve seen it confirmed about the enemy ogryn variants but I’d hope they’re not intended to be as quiet as they are overall either.

Even beyond that audio is just scuffed as directional audio is also incredibly screwy.


Audio cues are definitely a huge weak spot in this game, especially compared to how incredible VT2’s are. You always know when enemies are around and what they are based on sound alone. In this game half of the special enemies are completely silent and entire hordes of enemies won’t make a single peep but a single straggler in a daze on his lonesome will be louder than any special.

In VT2 you will hear the Hookrat instantly the moment he spawns in and know he’s coming, how far away he is, etc. and be able to react accordingly, as he was an incredibly dangerous threat. In this game the Trapper is not only MORE threatening than the Hookrat, spawned in greater numbers and able to blend into a horde to net you from a distance, but also completely and utterly silent until AFTER it’s captured someone, in which case they will make a couple of whispered audio cues.

I do have hope that they can sort this out, as I enjoy the extra pressure, but it feels like using my ears is extremely hit or miss. Some of the specials are spot on with the audio cues that work properly and it’s night and day when one is fighting those versus anything else in the game for that reason alone. Keeping an eye out in the rear “works” for hordes but is a nightmare for anything else, and it means that the front line is inherently less informed without spinning around like a top constantly too.