The door spawn system results in specials spawning literally behind players

The door spawn system results in specials spawning literally behind players. We had multiple instances where a pox burster spawned at the door just behind us and instantly blew up, without giving us sufficient time to react to the new threat.

A similar issue affects the lifts/elevators. A pox burster waiting for you just outside the door isn’t fun gameplay.


There are also some situations where enemies spawn in the open. Few of the maps which weren’t in the beta (the desert variety) are quite prone to it, also the map with the train defence at the end.


This is bad, them spawning right on top of you with no door is worse.


Doors aren’t playing an audio cue when opening to let enemies out past a certain distance, and also specials don’t have any noises a lot of the time when they are behind the door and can immediately do their action when the door opens, giving almost no time to respond.


Agreed, instant spawns behind you in a already cleared area is not a proper game mechanic. it seems be done to psykinetic more to interrupt staff casting from being built up. Fatshark, stop this or you will ruin the game.


Definitely had the occasional burster pop out of nowhere because of that.

Doors should deactivate when a player is within a certain distance.


Had a “fun” little encounter not long ago.

A trapper came out of a door behind me. I managed to dodge the net, then hit her in the face with a grenade. The grenade catapulted the trapper back into the door, which immediately slammed shut and prevented me from finishing the job. The door then swung open, and a net flew out before the trapper did.

At this point, having them literally spawn on top of the player would be a better method.

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It should be like V2. Normal enemies can come out of those kind of spawn points/doors, but specials cannot if players are too close. It’s like the rat holes in V2. If you’re standing on them during an ambush it’s your fault you were standing there when 20 skavenslaves pop up, but you never had to worry about a packmaster popping out.


Surprise Pox Burster butt sex stopped being funny even before it happened for the first time

I’ve started activating the sharpshooter ult when elevators reach their floor because of this precise issue.

Bonus points for when they spawn behind the door but don’t come out and instead fire their flamethrower through the door.


Something a lot of people don’t seem to know is you can shoot through the wire grates in the elevators. Not like Rumbler rounds, but most bullets I’ve tested pass right through it. So if you see something waiting for you, shoot it as you come down. I don’t think Pox Burster damage can pass through the elevator walls.

But I agree with you. The doorways need some tweaks. The way enemies can run back INTO doors to avoid being killed is ridiculous as well. You go to shoot a Trapper, for example, but it ducks back into ‘the darkness’ and is safe, then comes back out and nets you. If an enemy spawns, it should be pushed out of the door and not be able to go back inside.

Had bombers spawn into small rooms via a doors, right next to players, throw a bomb and burning everyone in the room alive. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen.

Doors opening don’t make enough noise. I suspect everyone here has been backstabbed at least once by a group of 5 scabs or poxwalkers who suddenly decided to walk through the door behind you without any warning.

And specials should not be able to spawn out of them if you’re within 10 meters or something

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Pox Burster damage does pass through elevators, I’ve been downed on an exit(end of mission) elevator from one before. Fortunately didn’t matter as other players survived.

Walls don’t block a lot of damage in this game, you can also swing through them with melee.


It is the reason why I have almost perfectly memorised where the doors are on levels, and why I take a very wide berth of them whenever one is nearby. I also happen to make sure that if I hear the sound of Poxbursters, Trappers, Hounds or Mutants, I immediately avoid a spawn door but make sure to preferably be able to aim at one so that I can kill whatever tries to pop out.

But I do absolutely hate the aggressiveness of them, and the unfairness it causes because of the AI director spawning 3 of the same Elite from several direction, or from the same doorway, leading to a situation where you either hope you have someone with a fully loaded Boltgun ready to unload, or at least a Psyker with their ability up to push people down before the nuking begins.

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Always been able to hit things through walls and ceilings/floors in melee in the tide games. Where I’d get most of my damage in on Halescourge.

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Not to mention when they spawn behind a fence they can just run through it rather than climb over it…

On the flip side of that there are a lot of fences and railings that seen to have anti-burster spikes that blow up the toxbursters when they run into them.

Yeah it is really bad I’ve made several posts about this, I would have less of a problem is this was telegraphed with like loud door opening sound queues and stuff so you know its coming.
But as it is right now it is super annoying.