Bl**dy silent poxbursters, fix please :)

The audio of this game is fantastic. So much information goes through my ears. Enemy presence, type, alert, etc.

In HISTG, it happens very very often that pox bursters are totally silent.

Got a lot of footage of poxbursters being directly in sight, and not a single sound cue is played.
Even though there isn’t any other special around.

If spawning in your face wasn’t enough, now they creep up on you, they are now ninjas too :ninja:


Yes! Its really frustrating. They also need to stop spawning out of doors directly next to you, too.


That wouldn’t be so bad, if they actually walked out of the door instead of just blowing up and damaging you through closed doors :joy:

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Fighting at doors is the equivalent of fighting at VT2s “waterfalls”, or staying close to a doorframe when a hookrat is roaming. It is just not a spot you want to be, or fight at. Nothing produces a sound clue before it gets out of the spawn. You risk getting blown up, or sucked into the void by a trapper.

Specials spawning in front, or just behind you out of thin air, leading to a silent “ambush” is silly. Not avoiding spawn doors like the literal death is potentially hiding behind it just the same.

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Except there are a lot of places where specials just “spawn”, right around the corner.

In the event of Mercantile, there’s a spawn location that’s really ridiculous as it’s spawning specials out of thin air in the middle of a street right in front of you (well behind you)

The game is full of those cheesy spawning spots that don’t give the player enough time to hear the spawns


I was playing Comms-Plex and 2 Silent Trappers and 2 Silent Mutants spawned behind us after we left the elevator. We managed to get a hold of the situation pretty quickly, but it still scared the living crap out of us.

When people say “totally silent” what they actually mean is “only the sound of the jump and explosion plays and im not fast enough to react to that sound”.

In reality that sound works 100% of the time but sometimes you dont hear the beep. Just learn to react to the jump, its enough sound imformation to give you time to react

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Not if they spawn directly behind you, which they almost always do these days.


Are you sure about that? I feel like I’ve heard plenty of specialist callouts while the enemy is still in the spawn room. For example, mutant spawns in the first Comms Plex event always come from the spawn door next to the elevator, and more often than not, I hear them before I see them.

It’s possible that some may have teleported from another spawn room, but I don’t think that’s always the case.

Laat night, I did encounter a “silent” burster. It played its audio cue before we entered an air lock (for the finale of Warren), then it moved into the spawn room facing the airlock, and detonated within the spawn room because of a nearby teammate (despite me having put the skull marker on the door because, y’know, danger)

With my mate, we have FOOTAGE of poxbursters wodling alone towards us in a rather quiet environment with NO sound cue.


Real question is why is bloody a curse word

Dunno, not taking chances of being moderated because of “regional differences” :joy:

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Well dont keep us hanging. Prove it. Post the video

I think that is one of the dev’s cruel intent to make you lose.
Also, others like spawning right behind you and just around the corner or doors.

This just seems like a general pro-austerity take rather than a comment about sound cues. Bursters used tick tock their way across the map with the sound loop speeding up as they got closer now you only hear them when they have already arrived. It’s a bug. Do you think the bug should be a feature? Do you prefer it to how it was before? Do you think that because you can live with the bug, everyone should? Are you just here to flex nuts? It’s not clear.

Im trying to point out that calling them completly silent is false. They rarely dont beep but when that happens they are not completely silent as i pointed out.

Sounds like the embodiment of :nerd_face: tbh.

Also we should have a link to this thread here I guess.

There’s been issues with audio cues in general since the most recent few updates, but it’s most egregious when it comes to PoxBursters.

Yes, the audio balance for specials is too low, but I’ve also experienced them being totally silent multiple times. Once I could hear. PoxBurster next to me clear as ever while my friend looking at it right next to me said it was totally silent on his end.

I’ve also had issues with directional audio. As I was turnimg a corner the other day, the PoxBuster audio became more quiet and sounded like it was coming from the direction just came from, but as I finished rounding the corner it was staring me in the face, jumping at me while continuing to get more quiet. A rare case, but still frustrating.

I had no issues before December-ish, so something clearly changed for the worse around then.


That poster you quoted was in a thread of mine regarding silent disablers.

Detailed it and started spewing nonsense on having perfect hearing and blamed my hardware.

Said poster is not to be taken seriously imo.

Yeah, this is definitely an issue that’s been happening since around the “fire fix” patch.