Spawning specials and hordes inside doors right next to players

I have repeatedly seen this happen. Especially pox bursters who btw, MAKE NO SOUND, when they respawn behind a door and then immediately explode when they leave.

PLEASE for the love of god make specials and hordes not spawn right next to players.

EDIT: I’ve decided to go a little more into detail about the problematic scenarios.

These are namely 2.

  1. A random horde spawning during the level out of the closest door, in melee range of a player. Leading to dozens of hits hitting a player in the span of a second, instantly downing the player. This is unfun and perplexing design, it could be easily fixed simply by moving the spawn 1 door further. This also occasionally affects armored or lasgun patrols although rarely. But when it happens it is even worse.

I am not talking about special hold & defend locations, as these are different, since the spawn locations are known and can be played around, on top of being limited in number.

  1. Very aggressive special spawning in close proximity without any sound cues. The problematic candidates here are, poxbursters, trappers and dogs. With poxbursters being especially problematic due to their insanely punishing nature if not dealt with correctly. I have repeatedly witnessed poxbursters spawning inside a door as close as 1 meter to a player. These poxbursters do not even beep or generate any other sound prior to leaving the door. Not to mention that even if they did, if you are actively fighting a horde or patrol, disengaging far enough to react to it is often downright impossible.

The mechanic of door spawning in general is very jarring sometimes, since you cannot interact with the doors in any way, meaning mobs have an invincible spawn location. Some levels are so chock full of these doors, you are often hard pressed to find a safespot as a veteran. I have often experienced the scenario that I turn around and make sure my back is clear, go back to supporting my team from range, only to be immediately hit in the back by an enemy that just materialised. It would help if the sound was more noticeable at the very least.

Also, somewhat unrelated to this but dodging away from a backstab, even perfectly timed to the soundcue often ends with you getting hit anyway.

I write this with over 90 hours of playtime, multiple difficulty 5 missions and dozens of difficulty 4 missions completed.


I don’t think Hordes would be all that dangerous if you could see them coming from farther away.

but they do most of the time… Hordes are never dangerous. Its the specials that attack you during it. Being instantly swarmed and meleed from 100 to 0 in one second because they stream out of a clown car door right behind you is lame.

Hence why they need to surprise and overwhelm you.

No. The purpose of hordes is to provide cover for specials.

And where did you read that?

The design is clearly obvious to anybody that posessess average intelligence. You are honestly weirding me out, promoting spawning enemies, especially poxbursters which you completely ignored by the way as your reading comprehension seemed to have ended at “hordes”, right behind a player, which is simply lame and unfair on higher difficulties.

I have seen firsthand how a stream of several poxbursters came out of a door right next to my parties. Without even so much as a beep. You know the enemy that is literally designed to come at you from range and announce their coming so they can be properly countered.

It’s ok to disagree with someone and not be hostile about it.

Then properly read a post and formulate a reply that has some value. Promoting antifun game mechanics with one sentence replies is not going to make you any friends.

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I read your post and I disagree. Hordes exist as another mechanic in the game to try and kill the players. The fact that they can also hide specials does not mean they were exclusively designed for that role. They have many roles.

FYI, this is not a battleground. Civil discussions can exist, and insulting other people that disagree with you while trying to claim the high road just makes me giggle.

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Dude, you are literally not adressing what my post is about. Like, at all. You completely glossed over what I wrote and provided a meaningless one sentence response to it.

You are making me giggle right now, trying to take the high road yourself, while you still didn’t touch on the actual point of my post. You cannot talk to me about civil discussion when you do not initiate a discussion of any worth with your inadequate replies.

Also, just to illustrate your own hilariously inept way of engaging in “civil discussion”:

Where did you read that ? :slight_smile:

I’m sure your ban from the forum will definitely be worth whatever you think you’re trying to prove here.

On the one hand, you want hordes to not spawn right next to you, and on the other, you readily admit that they are not dangerous at all… weird. If your post is not about where hordes spawn, what exactly is it about then? Other than a way to vent your frustrations with the game because you were suddenly surprised by another harmless horde coming out of another nearby door that you already know happens?

I’ve had a horde spawn literally before my eyes a few times now, appearing from thin air right in front of my team.


Again, even after several edits you do STILL not read what I wrote, once more glossing over the specials part of my post. Im seriously beginning to wonder if you are just trolling. Maybe that will get you banned some day, who knows ?

I am going to illustrate it for you now, and that will be that last time. Your back is turned to a door. A horde spawns. It streams out of the door behind you, all stacking in one spot, meleeing you at once, immediately downing you. Do you think that is good design ?

Yes, as I wrote earlier. A horde on its own is harmless. It has been harmless in Vermintide, it has been harmless in left 4 dead, it is harmless in darktide. Any party that is even remotely competent can clear a horde without any trouble whatsoever, IF it is spawned properly.

Now on top of this weird way of spawning a horde, we have poxbursters spawning behind the same door, while you are fighting the horde. Not announcing their spawn in any way, as they do not even beep before they leave the door in question. They simply go out, without warning and explode.

But hey, thats fun and definitely fine right ? /s

A horde’s purpose is to slow you down and make it challenging to deal with elites. Having poxbursters quietly materialise inside a door next to you is not good game design. Its frustrating and lame.

If you actually played the game at a higher difficulty than 3 when you are not busy providing one sentence replies to feedback posts, you would have experienced this yourself and share my frustration.

Haven’t seen that yet. I have a 30 Ogryn, 20 Veteran and 51 hours.

Oh good.

Stop standing next to the doors? They’re pretty obvious.

Don’t play this game, it’s just silly.

But hey, I’m glad you got that out of your system, bud.

Keep trolling :wave:

50 hours here, almost all Veteran lol.

Sounds like a problem with the servers, which wouldn’t surprise me since the game has been pretty unstable for most of the open beta. I crash a couple times a day, usually.


Ah yes. A server issue is most certainly responsible for a bugged or simply badly tuned spawning mechanic. yep :rofl:

Keep going buddy.

We weren’t talking about your problem. A horde spawning directly in front of everyone sounds more like the server forgot to load it in. Isn’t the same thing as putting your back to a door you know spawns a horde and then whining about it.