Specials often spawn too close to manage

Identifying, tagging, and taking out specials requires some lead time before they get to the team. It’s silly that they can spawn around the corner a few meters in front of the player.

You know those rooms you can’t enter with the automatic doors that enemies flood through? Yeah, more than a few times a poxburster has spawned in there while the team was next to it and then it immediately bombed the entire team.

Walking around the corner, I happen to literally see enemies spawn into existence. You can’t get sound cues or time to react from trappers when they literally spawn right next to the player.

I feel like I constantly have the first-person camera on a swivel to avoid enemies spawning behind an object or wall directly behind me because I know line of site will stop the cheesy spawns.


Or better yet when you’re at the info terminal with the two doors up on the small platform and stairs either side, and 3 trappers spawn behind you and instantly disable 3/4 of your team.


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This is a bigger issue than is being let on, since players more often than not camp doorways to slaughter the enemies before they spawn. The doors should not be active if players are nearby, its immersion breaking and screws with gameplay