Need limit on pox burster spawn distance

Basically title. I think this honestly should hold true for all specials. They shouldn’t be able to pop out the spawn door right behind you.


I personally think this should be expanded to include several other specials, hounds and muties generally spawn a proper distance away but trappers can spawn and immediately trap you from behind due to just walking out the door weapon primed.

Specials spawning close in Vermintide 2 wasn’t as big an issue because most spawns were elevated and not behind cover so they had to drop down in the open anyways (If they weren’t gonna do something from up there) but when there’s a door that’s between you and the special and you can’t take out the special before they attack you it does not feel good.

I’m a little torn, this was actually something they addressed in Vermintide 2 by increasing special spawn distance, but it feels more reasonable in Darktide to me. It’s also not always spawns, Specials can use doors like portals. Trappers do it a lot if they miss their shot and survive. They’ll slip through an airlock and pop out of one that’s closer to another ally when they can.

speaking of trappers… I learned yesterday they can net you through a grated floor… it makes sense that grenade launchers can’t shoot through those or most fences/railings… doesn’t really make sense that brainburst can’t start going off on something you can still clearly see… but a net managing to pass through a mesh is a whole new level of, “what fresh kind of heresy…?!?”