Poxburster Spawns

Hi there, I wanted to start a discussion about Poxburster spawns, namely situations where a Poxburster essentially just appears out of thin air (in a nearby spawn door) 3 feet from the team and instantly leaps and explodes from a door in an uncomfortable area/corridor. For literally any other special spawn its fine, because they dont just insta explode for no reason when trying to deal with them (sometimes when trying to push one at a door they just explode instead). Can Poxburster spawns please not be allowed to just appear within so many meters of the players, just to prevent this weird spawning?

I’m all for difficulty, and I love a good high intensity Shock troop gauntlet, but it’s bananas when you get temporarily trapped in a situation and one of these guys just appears and there’s nothing you can really do about it besides shove and pray, which is effective sometimes, but other times its just a big feelsbad, especially when just playing in a PUG.

I am pretty sure if poxbursters disappeared from the spawn pool tomorrow that nobody would shed a tear, but can we at least get some spawning rules on them to where they cant teleport to a spawn spot literally 3 feet away from the player? The biggest offender to this mission is the data interrogation mission where there’s a medicae in a very small room, and a spawn door right next to it, and it happens almost every round where a poxburster will just appear as soon as you heal and just go “Nah fam”

Dealing with this particular special spawn is just not fun when it’s in this capacity, please look into it, thank you!


Can totally relate to that. Having poxbusters spawn in doors and instantly explode or already jump out of doors is such an awful game design. That if you at least have a gun. If my build is concentrated around melee and my ranged gun is not particularly good at dealing with busters I can just shove that is correct. However, the problem arises from the fact that sometimes poxbusters will not even play a sound cue when they spawn. I will be fighting next to a door way, not even on top of it and suddenly buster explodes with no sound at all.

Trappers, mutants, hounds pretty much any other special either waits a tiny bit and then goes forward or has a built in delay (like trapper) so there is at least some time to react. Poxbusters are such a hit or miss with that. Sometimes they will open the door and stand there, just watching you lol. If you have a ranged weapon that’s great, if not have fun trying to push him especially when they spawn in quantity higher than just one but say 4 or 5 in a row, yeah that is so fun.

Outside of these instant spawn issues where they just blow up for no reason, poxbusters are usually fine, but truth to be said doorbusters are not fun.

Just had this happen in the prismata crystal mission. I believe it was the room after the Medicae. We’re all healed up, got into a horde, and then a Poxburster nearly ruined our run. I, as a Zealot with like, 6 or so Wounds, lost all but 1 Wound, because I was the closest, and it triggered my Until Death. Everyone else, who didn’t have as many Wounds, were either now on their last Wound, or second from their last Wound. I think the largest factor as to why we survived was because we seemed like a solid team, had a Smite Psyker (I like to call them “Smyker”), and I had the Relic for CC and protection.

That Poxburster nearly ended our run. I also don’t understand why it was allowed to deal like 5 out of 6 Wounds to my entire health pool without downing me. I’m wondering if Until Death had something to do with it, but also because Pox enemies also deal Corruption, so maybe those two things just don’t jive well, especially with a Poxburster insta’sploding next to me?

It’s not just poxbursters but every type of special and elite patrols spilling out of magic floo network doorways from harry potter really ruin the fun.

There should be a restriction that enemies can’t spawn in plain sight, or within a certain radius of the players. Or maybe a mechanic where players can temporarily weld doors shut to stop enemies from emerging from them. Something, anything really.

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Some maps are decidedly worse than others for this, I don’t mind other special spawns being close to the players, but Poxburster’s are arguably the most dangerous as they drain everyones toughness, displace them, and does respectable corruption damage.

There should be no scenario where there’s an enemy spawn door right next to a Medicae station in an enclosed space.

Some maps have so many spawn doors its insane, the communication array mission is a huge offender for this issue, as there’s basically a spawn every 8 meters during the finale, while you are purging demonic growths and going up the spiral stairs to disable the Heretic broadcast.

I do not want all of them that you can see to be disabled, that would be ridiculous, but ones in extreme proximity to players should not be spawning enemies. Now you can argue that you should be more spatially/positionally aware to not be close to one of these spawns, but some maps are way worse offenders for having a spawn door practically everywhere, some not clearly defined as a hot spot for heretics. A lot of this comes down to map and game knowledge, which a player can accrue overtime, but in the same vein, it’s not fun to lose a run because enemies just appear out of what feels like thin air, or teleport to your location and immediately attack you.

had a game where 1 of my teammate being targeted by specials in recent map event. his HP became so low with no wounds left so i keep my eyes on him.

as we walk towards a narrow corridor he was walking ahead of us then suddenly 3 pox buster leaping from a spawn door, without ping sound its just triple boom and hes dead. sadge

I feel this is an issue with spawn points in general. In Vermintide 2 they spawned in a much less jarring way - either far ahead of the players, far behind, far above, or far below. Thus they are given a good amount of time to actually reach the player after the sound cue, and the player has time to look for them or plan in advance. This also prevents the player from literally being able to see them spawn and/or lunge out the door like a friggin Goosebumps villain.

In Darktide they do this very reasonable spawn strategy like 30% of the time. Then they drop the GOON SQUAD through a hole in the ceiling or out of a monster closet at point blank range. It is 100% a downgrade in every way from the old system (although sadly that probably applies to a lot of Darktide stuff).

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