Most stuns on players need to go

The vault missions that end in the hanger right before the door have a shipping container blocking a monster door the enemies just walk right through. Smelter complex has one in the giant room before the main smelter right after the first demon growth, only its a fence so you can at least shoot at that hound before it jumps through it. The oubilette? missions where you descend the stairs at the start have a fence area enemies walk through that you can even go OOB yourself in. Incredibly annoying and unfinished feeling.

I don’t mind meelee stuns, but range stuns, especially those which interrupt aiming/shooting are extremely frustrating. I just don’t understand how someone could think it is a good game design. Removing character control from players is NOT something you should design your games around.

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is that to the right of the entrance to drayko just after you drop from the bridge? Ive noticed that area consistently has enemies running out of walls lol.

It also tends to happen when the server begins to melt down especially on the hourglass themed maps.

I’ve also seen enemies running at turbocharged speeds behind other players on occasion with massive windups from 10+m away lol no idea what causes that or if its intended.

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That’s lag on your end. Same thing as when you see a teammate walk through a door before it opens.

With ranged enemies it’s not just the stagger, but suppression. The tutorial teaches you to suppress the enemy, but the millisecond you peek out of cover they suppress you instead, making your shots miss the broad side of a barn.

Hell, half the time you don’t even need to peek out of cover, they suppress you even if their shots are blocked by the very box they’re hiding behind (I’ve literally had this happen many times).

I have seen a demon does this. The team has walked through the room, we encountered heavy resistance and our health started to be low. So, as 2 were down, we both step back to the medicae and went through the room we had visited few seconds ago… but this time there was a demon…
Let’s say it, we did not make it…



That bruiser appeared after the ogryn walked past that spot.

Literally had a bulwark pop out of thin air when there was just a crusher there like the game went “OH HELL I FORGOT TO SPAWN THE OTHER HALF OF THE OGRYN PAIR!” And plopped it down hoping no one would notice.

But if he stopped, the enemy would appear in front of him. Because the map feels like it’s running late and doesn’t have time to generate some “random-wandering” enemies.

‘It doesn’t happen’
‘Ok it happens but only if you rush’

What about Hourglass or whatever you’d like to call the sandy zone? 2/3 scenarios involve going up an elevator, where you suddenly get barraged by a room full of enemies (and sound direction is broken inside the elevator too so its even more jarring). Shouldn’t have been rushing out of the elevator bro! Take your time moving outside the box so enemies can suddenly dump on all sides of the room. None of the other elevator situations end like this, you can see exactly what enemies are in the next room before the door opens. They don’t pop in.

And 2 rooms later from the elevator you have that tin shanty town where the same thing happens again, with a bunch of walls enemies shoot through instead. This is all imagination though if we just took our time the game wouldn’t just dump those enemies exactly when you pass a certain point (the elevator door or first ledge point of no return). That just doesn’t happen dude.

Yes, it is useless to change your mind. Well, if you really want to see what the expression “enemies appearing behind your back” means - play Vermintide 2 on the engineer (to fully feel the experience), and then come here and tell me how it is?
Because all we see in Darktide are dudes that the map didn’t have time to generate for some reason that I have no idea about, I’m not a developer, all I can do is just express my thoughts on it. Also the 9 3/4 walls they go through.
But there was no such thing as a 24/7 enemy appearing out of nowhere behind your back when the room is already cleared, you are standing with your back to the Stone Slab… you step forward and boom, surprise hit. You turn around, and you see a sly little rat. There, that’s Vermintide 2, and Darktide is wonderful in that regard. I assure you, after Vermintide, you will grow a 3rd eye on the back of your head.

P.S. Here, by the way, is a typical example of what I’m talking about

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Regardless of whether people agree about how appropriate it is for this to exist in the game – you are of course entirely correct. Annoyance/frustration are used as stacked/layered penalty mechanics in the game throughout it’s entire design ethos.

This is unequivocally one of the primary reasons people rightly lambast Fatshark for having made a mobile-agacent video game, regardless of how enjoyable it is.

These mechanics are present in missions, in menus and in the loot design. This can be true of most video games. This is exceptionally true of Darktide.

The result of these design decisions speaks for itself in a mass player exodus during the first months after release and Stwam user score on the primary platform where people actually paid full price for the experience.

Frustration/difficulty ia subjective and can be a core component of overall game difficulty and reward for overcoming the challenge. It is beyond obvious that Fatshark as it exists today at the decision-making level does not understand what made their previous games successful, does not understand the lessons learned by companies like Bungie in similar experiences over the past decade, or else approached Darktide from a commercial perspective with the synical aim to make it a mobile-agacent whale milking cash-cow.

These are the unfortunate facts.

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I also agree with you, the enemies spawning behind shouldn’t be included as “part of the problem.” Keeping one’s head on a swivel is already an enjoyable and appropriate thing to be doing in a fictional hive of enemies.

I just wanted to say and show that such a hidden gameplay mechanic as “enemies appearing behind your back” in Darktide doesn’t exist at the moment. Whereas in Vermintide it obviously does.

As for loading enemies on the map, it’s still a problem at the moment, I doubt they (Fatshark) will cope with it in the near future, for this problem still exists in Vermintide 2.

I’ve done a few Damnation runs without the Zealot’s anti-stun feat, and lemme tell ya, Dreg shooters are just waiting for a Mutant or trapper to spawn so they can shoot you in the ass right when you want to dodge, which stuns you and nullifies your movement.

This feels like sh!t. It wouldn’t be such an issue if Dreg shooters didn’t empty your 125 toughness bar in a single burst. Or at least, make it so the “toughness broken stun” doesn’t slow you down or prevent you from dodging or sprint-sliding, which is f*cking essential to your survival in this game.

And then FartShark goes and lengthens the stun duration from getting hit in melee ? OK. Talk about missing the point. The more I play DT, the more it makes VT2 look like a goddamn miracle baby.

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Hopefully they’ll be able to fix this some day
There’s definitely too many overlapping layers of frustration mechanics in Darktide right now.

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VT2 was a miracle. Fatshark has stated that they didn’t (and judging from DT, still don’t) know what made players play 1000+ hours of VT2 even though it was designed for ~100 hours.

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