Kerillian's passive stealth bug

Yesterday I noticed that most of the time, when going stealth with passive, enemies don’t turn and run to your teammates, nor do they just stand still facing the direction you stealthed from. They just keep staring at you while you are in stealth, making it impossible to get a juicy backstab. I’ve recorded a video example:

I have neuter ult effects mod, but you can see the passive icon popping in the buff bar.
I don’t know why at the start he runs away and every other time he didn’t. It’s in the modded realm but I experienced the problem in a normal match in the public realm.


Yeah, being in stealth mode means nothing 50% of the time in the patch. I’ve had SV’s and CWs- those 1 hit kills on elf- ice skating around, fixed target on shade. Watched Berzerkers in the air make a right angle and attack ye too. Had a Roger 180 and kill me whilst aiming a backstab yesterday- broke fighting with Kruber to do a reverse target slam whilst invisible. Mixed with the bug that’s making block and reloading javelins all screwy, it’s really hurting shade to play.

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Can confirm that I’ve experienced some odd behaviour with stealth mechanics that are career based. Not sure if it affects thr chaos wastes potion and boons that have invisibility effects. Might test.

Just to add a few things I found myself and hear others talk about as well:

Shimmer Strike:

  • Shade’s Shimmer Strike is essentially like the old Cloak of Pain atm (One big damage hit and then 3 seconds of stealth time)
  • the stealth time of shimmer strike can get added up by killing elites or specials but as soon as you will hit anything else in the time you should be invisible the invisibility stops instantly. (Meaning if you stop oneshotting elites of specials and hit something else it stops) I dont know if that is an intended change that simply didnt get published anywhere nor explained in the talent descriptions or a bug

Cloak of Pain:

  • Cloak of Pain is not procing twice with dual wield weapons in for most attacks.
    for example H2 of DD will always consume both Cloak of Pain hits in one attack, no matter how many enemies, where you hit them or in what angle.

(more about this topic in this thread: Shade Cloak of Pain Double Infiltrate Bug)


  • Bugged on all Careers that use stealth: Handmaiden, Shade, Ranger Veteran, Huntsmen
  • Enemies will still follow you
  • Enemies will still look at you
  • Enemies in some cases will still attack you
  • Elites when attacking you mid stealth will also damage and potentially kill you
  • Trash Enemies will still attack you but cant hurt you

These Bugs make playing any invis career and especially Shade as everything she does evolves around the invisibillity mechanic almost impossible.

Fixing this should be of very high priority.

Imho Shimmer Strike is good as it is because its more skill based. Shade got overall a very skillbased char since the changes. I like that.

The bugged stealth mechanic (enemies dont loose aggro and looking at you…) should be fixed as fast as possible.

Related or same bug as:

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