So..... Grail Knight Kruber

I’m really curious to see Fatshark’s explanation of Grail Knight Kruber, and wondering how in the world it got past Games Workshop.


I hope they’ve done a complete overhaul of dialogue just for a Grail Knight. Kruber going from the schlubby soldier everyman to Bretonnian hero kind of implies a huge change to the Ü5 group dynamic.

The man ain’t a mercenary, he’s a powered up boss man.

The new banter from an angry and confused Saltzpyre, alone, would be worth it :laughing:


The release of the TWII DLC with hints at VT2 was a spoiler?

Possibly Grail Knight has been mis-named. Just a knight of Brettonia would be good enough and it’s no worse than Wood Elf being a Shade.

As a Kruber Main I’m happy he got some attention rather than Pointy Ears. Dwarf Runesmith would’ve been my second pick for new class.

Grail Knight might be a blessings-buff class? Would make him different if he was there to actively buff others(not fairly pointless area Buffs), or curse the enemy somehow. I am struggling to think how he could be a different playstyle to IB and FK though, and am interested to see how it works out.

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He has a golden glow around him, maybe his ult gives him high dmg armour piercing attacks, comparable to how Ranger Vet does with ranged during his ult?
I think we need to remember how it will still be a Kruber career, using the same weapons (with a few additions). And although some time has passed since the launch i can’t really see how there will be no similarities to already existing careers/ults.

A lot of ults/passives/talents which can be considered special still work with game mechanics that existed since game 1, like Trueflight Volley being an upgrade to the Trueflight bow, staggering, aggroing, applying dmg like bleed/poison/burn, backstabs, all was there.
Movement ults are new but i can’t see one for Grail Knight.

Well Kerillian already opened that bizarre door of being H.elf, D.elf and W. Elf at the same time, so yeah its pointless to complain about. Regarding Power level of the Grail Knight the U5 totally did wreck some stuff to be considered legendary in the lore.

Now my complaint is FS going to just release a Kruber career? Because this will create a clutter in the class, like everyone wanting to play the new Grail Knight or people playing Lobbies alone to test their Grail Knight. I hope they have more reveals planned for S3 or its gonna be a total disaster on that regard.
Hope there is a reveal for each class or at least 2 more.

I really don’t care about that lore/power stuff. To me specs are more of a “alternative story” for character rather than them just re equipping stuff for next mission. In one match you have lowly Foot Knight Kruber, in another he’s god damn Grail Knight.

The thing I worry about is paid specs. Hope Fatshark don’t get overgreedy with this and make anything good in this game paid. I’m not hesitant to support them, but still.

Also I wonder if Season 3 going to rebalance other specs. New talents, new balance meta and stuff.


Edit: just joking. But lore is still really important in this game, even if you don’t pay attention to every dialogue meaning or know the lore (like me).

Grail knight seems a little bit overpowered for the group lorewise :smiley: .
Hopefully we get a runesmith bardin and wardancer kerillian too.

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Well I am. If S3 doesn’t see any major bugfixes, the grail knight can go and get served. The only kind of voting that is left for us.

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I thought that this was some sort of a late April joke… but this is serious. What in the actual fuc.k Fat Shark? Why would you disrespect the lore in a manner such as this? How can an Empire character become a Grail Knight? Where do we draw the line from this point? Did you have at least a bit of decency and recorded new voice lines with French accent?
You were doing so well with the new maps and cosmetics… and then you pull a move such as this.
I mean, this is such a lazy re-skin move. Sure, it’s a lot easier to use Kruber than to create a totally new character and incorporate it into the game, but what are you trying to do here? Are you trying to become EA or Activision? Cheap reskins for the win?

This is not the way to do that.


Even when Kerillian is Shade or Handmaiden, she is still basically a Wood Elf. She’s still from Athel Loren originally, but the story of her class is explained as her dedicating herself to different elven gods after whatever happened in Athel Loren that made her become exiled. The story is never retconned so that she suddenly was from Ulthuan or Naggaroth the entire time. So the voicelines about that mysterious curse, and about her origin with the Wood Elves, and referring Araloth, and about her origin story within the Ü5, all still make sense. So Kerillian can be those classes without contorting the story and without her weapon skins not making sense, and so forth.

But Grail Knight Kruber on the other hand seems like it’d be a lot more problematic to explain. He’s an imperial, Taal worshipping commonor, and I don’t really see any lore appropriate way he can suddenly become a Grail Knight, who are supposed to be Brettonian nobility who dedicated their entire life to their goddess and did some great quest to be awarded their powers.

I suppose they can try to explain it in a similar way as they did it with Kerillian? After Übersreik, Kruber was wandering around, overthinking his life. Then he comes a across a pond, in which a strange woman lies, who then lobbs a scimitar at him, which promotes him on the spot to ki… err… Grail Knight. But from a lore perspective, that really seems like stretching it…

And Krub has many voicelines, and interactions with the others, and weapon skins, that just don’t fit a Grail Knight. This also makes retconning the story to make Krub always having been from Brettonnia pretty much impossible.

Maybe it turns out that Krub’s father was actually a Brettonnian knight all along, and that’s how he qualifies for Knight status? Still seems like a strech…

In any case, I’m curious (and apprehensively excited) about what Grail Knight will bring to the game, gameplay wise. How will it differ from Footknight? And I guess I can see how they make him paid DLC. A new class is a sh*tton of work and fully optional, so I can understand a price tag. In any case I’d rather pay for that, than for a hat…


Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of knighthood.
farcical aquatic ceremony.


Without ranged weapons, he could receive a unique jump system.
Or something very different form of getting to the enemy, like a dash, uhm, no sorry, 3 other people already called dibs on that.
Maybe he can charge them as if he was on horseback. Oh sorry, that’s not it either.
An aura of invincibility so that he can walk up to them, wait, that’s not it either.
He could go invisible tho, that would be something new. Dammit, mixed it up again…


This is it right here. True and loyal die hard fans -most of this forum probably - are now very careful with their money when it comes to FS. Grail knight is an …odd… choice. I absolutely will not be spending any money if season 3 doesn’t hold some enormous improvements to one of the major and long-time problems. BBB 2.0 being one, LE being the other (for me at least).

Almost like a Gobbo Shaman off his little head on mushrooms I have dreams of Foot Knight charge being fixed, and Assassins not behaving like boomerangs, but then the psychedelics wear off and I resign myself to reality.

Drakenfels has gone some way to repairing the significant reputation-damage caused by WoM. Weather effects on existing maps might build on that. A significant patch that addresses concerns from across all aspects of the player base could really ramp up the good will from the community.

A badly implemented, buggy, overpriced and samey class launched without addressing even minor weapon changes (Sienna Mace et al?) or doing a miniscule change to phase 3 of Nurgloth, or adding a bunch of things to LE will immediately overshadow and kill anything good coming in S3.


Horse and honor. Basically. Up front and in your face, in many of the games they have extra damage vs large stuff like dragons, so I would assume some kind of anti-boss mechanisms.

Your wife sleeping with another man is less of a disgrace than another man riding your horse sets the stage quite well. Since Vermintide doesn’t really support horses I would assume some disgraced grail knight, which also would bring him on par with the rest of the U5 (since grail knights are creme de la creme).

The more i think about shade, the less it makes sense. You don’t suddenly become a Shade just by dreaming about Khaine without sharing the same history the nobility of Clar Karond went through after the Sundering. This is not Assassins Creed and there’s no Animus (thankfully). She even says it when playing the event in the sewers in Blightreaper, ‘she is a true daughter of Clar Karond’. Which in my sense means that (despite the lines about the dreaming) she really is a Dark Elf. I mean, your skin colour doesn’t magically change just because you dream, although Wood Elves are weird, i’ll give you that; even then, wouldn’t this magic change make her a true Dark Elf Shade?

The point i’m trying to make is that every career path also alters the past, retroactively. So while Shade Kerillian shares ancistries with the real Shades™ (:sunglasses:), Waystalker and Handmaiden do not; every career already rules the other options out.
And although i’m a very huge lore nerd and have always liked how Fatshark tries to stay true to it, i have to give Vermintide 2 the same freedom i gave TW:W so early and so easy for gameplay purposes: it is almost, but not quite, the same universe.
More like a very similar alternative reality (TW:W has all those characters alive at the same time, with similar strength, in a giant sandbox without the clear win of Chaos set as the end).
I mean, if we would go by some careers and how the hero ended up with them it is just… sad. Unchained for example should, for lore reasons, be shot instantly by Victor, and she would die a very much sooner death anyway because she would just burn out. Saltzpyre being a crazed Zealot with a pig glued to his head? How sad is that? The staunch, controlled, stoic Victor ending up like that. We all accepted it for ‘repent, Repent, REPENT!’.
GK Kruber being explained by a few sentences should not be more surprising than stuff we have already seen. He would just become a Bretonnian in this iteration. I’m still very much interested in those ‘few sentences’ though, ngl.

Btw, i got to admit that i was very much on the fence about this like many others, but the related MilkandcookiesTW video eased my ‘to-the-lore’ ways a bit and opened me up for the possibilities, so: creds to Indypride.

I mean, to come back to the real world, it all comes down to the price. It won’t be 4€ like the most expensive hats, it would be more. But how much more? Will there be a new career for ~10€ every season? That’s a lot of money on top of the premium hats i’m going to buy (and the ones i already bought). We all know that Microtransactions are a slippery slope, the past has shown that multiple times in other games. Will the careers become a new ‘macrotransaction’?
Only the future will tell. We’ll see what’s what with the upcoming seasons.


You guys know that only first class is canonical ?


Oh, I agree with you that Kerillian’s other careers also cause some lore-streching (especially stuff like her referring Clar-Karond, like you said), but it just still seems like a lot less of a stretch than Grail Knight Kruber…

2 things :

  • It’s the first 4th career. And each career in V2 already have an increased gap between the first career and the last. So it’s just following on increasing the gap. We probably could see a sienna that is not fire based as a 4th career (like a gold wizard !!!)
  • It’s not Kruber the Grail Knight, it’s Sire Croubère de Croissant the Grail Knight.
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To be honest, yeah, it doesn’t make sense lorewise. But i don’t care, it’s a grail knight, and few people deserve it more then good old kruber. Im only curios as to how he’ll play differently from FK.

Probably more support oriented, although it wouldn’t make much sense considering a grail knight is a frontline killing machine, not a scummy mage

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