Kerrilian’s Next Weapons

I’m putting 2 polls for Kerillian due to the fact that there are 3 Battle book that she can look at (Wood Elf, Dark Elf and High Elf, 4 if we count the Sea Elf or another minor Elf sub-faction)

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Mixed (Ranged with melee)
  • Mixed (Melee with Range)
  • Magic/Staff (SotT)
  • Melee (Variant)
  • Whips (Main or Sidearms)

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  • Wood Elf
  • High Elf
  • Dark Elf

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"Missing" Wood Elf Table Top Minis:

Asrai Spear (Spear which you can use both side)
Asrai Spear with Shield

Asrai Spear and Sword

Axe and Sword; Axe and Shield

"Missing" Dark Elf Table Top Minis:"

That weird pick, I don’t know it’s name


2h Axe

Har Ganeth Executioner Sword (2h Sword)

Har Ganeth Executioner Axe (2h Axe)

Spear and Whip; Mace and Whip

"Missing" High Elf Table Top Minis:"


Great Axe/Poleaxe ?

War Axe



“Missing” Lore Weapon (And Variant):
Focus Animal: Animal that elfs use to cast little spells
Quiver of Shattering: [Bow] Armour Shattering or more Stagger ?
Quiver of Fire: [Bow] Fire damage, could be too close to Hagbane or Moonfire
Hail of Doom arrow: [Bow] Arrow that turn into shard, normally they act like True Flight arrow but could instead just be turned into a shotgun-like Bow

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Why no shield option?

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I forgot :sob:

At this point I doubt we’ll ever see a whip, for animation reasons or otherwise.
Also, the Glaive pretty much covers all her 2h axe needs.
A could see a sort of halberd weapon, with different skins to represent the different faction’s weapons.
Not sure she needs anything right now, though. She has a pretty complete set of options with a rather distinct feel to it.

I would love LOVE an elven halberd


I really figured we’d see the Asrai Spear with more spins - it could differentiate itself from her other spear options fairly well. Or Asrai Spear + Sword, but I think that would play really weirdly with the mixed reach.

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Pretty much what made me vote how I did.

Would love to see it follow a dual hitbox consistency too, which can result in a 360 degree attack pattern.

I’d almost hoped the SotT leak was fake and that we’d get Wardancer instead, for the whirling blades goodness.

Pfah. Elgi. Forgetting shields. Typical.


You take that back kruti

I’m no wutelgi, you should take the oath for such an affront, no Shield for you

Also I still have to do Saltzpyre but Kerillian wasn’t the first list I did

You’re not an Elgi? Then it’s even more unforgivable you forgot the shield! Only one of us is going in the book and taking oaths here!

I already took the oath, ages bygones now I was a young lads, without the red crest that symbolize my shame, but even then a Great Axe is a lovelier friend than a shield

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