Saltzpyre's rapier

So the rapier is my favourite weapon to use in the game for melee, It has a little of everything but their one thing from using this weapon that just annoys me and i think that the weapon would actually feel a lot better if you did this, So when you use the alternative fire, their is a small amount of time where you cant block and this straight up ruins the alt fire, It’s meant for close range and mid range but does very little damage past that and so punishing people for deciding to use it when it is most viable resorts to not being able to block which can lead to taking hits.

So, if you can just make it so you can block quicker after firing the alt fire, I think it could improve this weapon massively.


<-- WH Main, keep hiting with Light Attacks in the meantime, Attack is the best Defense. You dont block if not really necessary.

If you want to ask anything specific feel free to ask.

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You can cancel that with a light, my bigger issue is honestly it’s low chaos warrior damage.

in Bardin’s mocking Salty-impression voice: COuLd yOu pLeAsE cHeCk fIrSt vIa tHe sEaRcH iF yOuR tOpIc iSn’T aLrEaDy dIsCuSsEd?


Well if you go with “Abjure Temptation”(15% overall Dmg Buff) and your Ping passiv ( around 20-22% Dmg buff) you get up to 22.75 per Heavy Charged on Head and 8.75 Heavy Charged on body .

a Axe dose with does Buffs 13.75 Light Body 20.25 Charged Body, 33 Charged Head 22.25 Light Head but you sacrifice your Survivability and a massiv Loss in Wave clear.

What i want to say is compared to his versatility the Rapiers CW Dmg its damn high.

A fully charged attack that is slower than a charged and weaker than a light is definitely fairly weak.
14 bodyshots with an attack this slow is definitely not high.

I’m somewhat unsure on what you mean by sacrificing survivability, though. I’d say the rapier definitely isn’t that much better given it’s extremely weak push and them both having the same dodge distance.

There are techniques to compensate for that window of opening but I agree - blocking after the offhand pistol got used should be a thing

The Axe can only hit 2 Targets on Slave Rats and Zombies on every other Enemy Typ only 1 Mob is hit, thats damn unpractical.

I think we can all agree, the axe is garbage. It’s in serious need of an attack speed buff. What’s really sad is, axe was amazing in VT1, but there were far less enemies.


You said survivability, i wasn’t disputing horde clear.
Although sidenote, the rapier has fairly low cleave: 3 slaverats, 3 zombies, 2 clanrats, every other enemy type only 1.

Definitely disagreed, it might not be meta, but it’s far from garbage. I’d say the charged need to be at least on par in terms of speed with 1h hammer, maybe slightly less delay on the 3rd hit, but other than that i’d say it’s fine.

Did you take into account a special rapier multiplier for damaging CWs. It’s 0.4 or 0.6 - don’t remember precisely.

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