Possible Weapons for the next DLC (Kruber NEEDS more ranged options)

For sienna i would wish a 3 tailed flail, and for Zealot a Greatflail

I could see them do a Outrider Sword and Pistol

Kinda working like the Grenadier Gauntlet in DT (Ranged slot, but main attack is a melee and get aimed instead of block)

I have been wanting more weapons like the rapier for a while, as I found it odd that was the only weapon of its kind

When OE first came out I thought it’d have a 1 handed hammer plus a gun like in Chaosbane. Or a handbow+sword for Shade cosplaying as a Corsair




  • Fist “weapons” for Slayer

  • Rune hammer or axe, with lightning or some other magical strikes


  • Staff is a nice idea, maybe for handmaiden too. Would be neat to have cc weapon like a greathammer for elf.


  • Two handed falchion / kriegsmesser
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  • Grenade launcher

Grenade launcher seems OP, but given its the Skaven and Warhammer it could be worth a shot. Same with fists.

Otherwise those are some interesting weapon options.

The only thing I’m a bit unsure about is how a two-handed falchion would be fill a distinct niche for Saltzpyre with greatsword and 2h hammer already present for Saltz?

Kerillian Sould have Shield + Axe combo or have her Axe replaced by Shield and Axe

Kerillian Elven Axe + Shield with anti-armored overhead push attack - Warhammer: Vermintide 2 / General Discussion - Fatshark Forums (fatsharkgames.com)

But I think any new Shield combo can do, for example Sword and Shield as doom_hamster mentioned above

I’m not sure about axe+shield, as I don’t think that’s ever been an elf weapon combo. One handed axe was pushing it to begin with.

If you want another shield, maybe a sword+shield combo like druchii bleakswords. Sword+bucklers. Or whip+buckles.

I’ve also considered the possibility of a heavy harpoon launcher that scourge runners have…but Kerilian need melee more

Wood Elf:
Axe and Sword; Axe and shield

Dark Elf
Axe (Draich iirc, it’s the old/alternate Har Ganeth weapon)

High Elf

War Axe

And those are only from “miniatures”

Wood Elf:

Axe and Sword


I don’t think unarmed weapons would work quite well, but having striking gauntlets

But tbh lorewise Bardin is already scrapping the bottom of the barrel (And to think that I want a new fantasy game with his daughter :skull:)

Doomseeker: Short ranged ammoless “range” weapon, all but Ironbreaker

Flaming Runesword: Would be the most fun thing, as the Grudgebringer (who Lohner either led before Bernhardt took over or by being Bernhardt himself) is such a Sword.

Rune based weapons: Using the system that the Thunderhammer have or that Slatzpyre’s Hammer and Tome set does

Iv still got some of those models! They were my brothers but are mine now.

Huh, well I stand corrected. Let it be known I’m never one to not admit I’m wrong.

In regards to Draichs/Great Axes though I think FS deliberately covered those with Glaive skins. I just wish glaives were a little more interesting.

But axe+swords do sound good. A weapon+small shield or buckler too. And yeah I completely forgot DE and HE had halberd units.

And I forgot to mention I’d welcome more SoTT staves

The gauntlets could be a skin option alongside fists, rings, etc.

As for rune weapons, yeah they’d have potential. Maybe steam gun skolder guards use, but outside of TW I can’t much info on these

Oh and a steam drill would be SICK for Bardin.

Rune weapons could be cool as they are a defining part of the Dwarf faction in the miniature game, or was at least, can’t speak for how they will be in the new “Old World” game.

For the axe-on-chains I would think that lorewise only Slayer could use those as they are from the old army version with only Slayers that were part of the “Storm of Chaos” campaign.

While yes, I think it could be stretched to Ranger at the very least. Or making Twin axe shared and making Whirling Blade of doom Slayer only

Id still love the bow on mercenary…dosent fit knight in my head but Merc should get bow

It’s strange how Merc doesn’t have bow yeah. Granted I do really hate the Huntsman long bow and it’s particular zoom mechanic

I see no issue with the chain axes being slayer only as a new weapon is a new weapon (spear and shield is handmaiden only and nobody complained)

However I should point out lorewise Drakeguns and Trollhammers were Irondrakes only as only they could survive using them, but the OE can use it too. So lore is relatively relaxed

Drake gun are Irondrake only cause they have Runes of Protection, seeing as the Outcast engineer is Bardin using armour (Maybe even repurposing his old IB armour ?)

So it’s not really that strange

The coverage probably matters a ton as well. IB is full metal whereas OE does have a bit of exposure

The protection is based on runes, Drakegun aren’t wearing hazmat suits