New Ideas for possible weapons pack dlc for V2( before or after darktide)

Some ideas for possible future weapons packs dlcs for vermintide 2 that can be released before or after darktide.

Kruber: 2 handed great axe, hochland long rifle sniper, outrider grenade launcher, halberd and shield, flail and mace dual wield
Bardin: Whriwind slayer chain axes, steam gun, 1 handed pickaxe, and iron fists/power gauntlets, 1 handed pickaxe and shield(fyrelslayer like)
Kerilian: elven halberd, poisoned blades/weapons, elf bo staff/martial art staff, dual ended spear, 2 handed elf executioner/ new kind of 2 handed sword blade, spiked sword
Saltzpyre: 2 handed great flail, dual spiked maces/bell maces, throwing daggers/knives, heavy dagger, sickle, heavy 2 handed sickle
Sienna: retracting chain fire flail/mace, staff that throws horizontal lines of flame and is used almost like a melee weapon, dagger and pick dual wield, flaming chain sickle/hook, flaming sword and shield, flaming mace and shield, flaming flail and shield

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elf: get a better/more fun version of what someone else has

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Kruber: Sword & Hunting Knife (primary balanced for Hunter)

Bardin: Axes on Chains (aggressive weapon without block)

Kerillian: Whip & Buckler (special button - works as billhook)

Victor: Pistol with Bayonet (long left click - accurate shot, right click - push, special button - stab)

Sienna: Defensive Staff (right click - fire shield, left click - close combat control)

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Crossbow for Huntsman

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Volcanic eruption staff, target area exlplodes after a long delay for massive dmg, hold alt fire+ cast to summon a small geysir that spews lava periodicly in intervals

sling, Bec the Corbin/lucerne for kruber

warsythe, saber+gauntlet for victor