New Weapons Ideas

I share some ideas for new weapons

Sienna: a 2 hand sword, simple, not curved
mace with spikes

Kruber: 2 hand axe


Bardin: hammer+axe
2 hand mace

Saltz: 2hand sword, normal not curved
falchion and shield
schythe (?)

I’d like to see a buffed version of the torch from Blight Reaper as a weapon for Sienna.

It’d be a great heavy DoT weapon, if its light attacks DoT was alot higher. As for the heavy attacks, i’d just heavily increase the impact damage and slightly increase the DoT, so you have something more useful against elites.

A little side utility of this weapon would be the fact it’s still a torch, so it’d be useful in dark sections, like Hunger In The Dark or the aforementioned Blight Reaper, plus any other maps FS adds containing dark areas.

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