Suggestion: New Weapons +LeftHand

I’m like New on this Forum…
looks a bit Strange for me, but is not bad, have style :wink:
Careful with my English plz :wink: but i see, this Google Translate works here good, he learn my English more and more :wink: good Google XD

Is this Feedback for Suggestions too right?

Okay, my Idea are New Weapon Type for different Heros, let’s start :wink:
(i don’t talk here about deeper balancing, i think the most balancing come from Real Life and so from RolePlay.
Some Idea is maybe a bit to Crazy, other more Realistic.)

-a 2 Hand Mace!

-a one or two Hand SteamHammer (like a from Heat glowing Hammer, or like a Mechanism for a Push Back! like with a Spring inside for a Power Push and reload, so like a mix of Melee and Range, maybe more for V3? :wink:

-dual or single MoonBlade ( this looks like a half circle, for the Shade)
-a Weapon like a mix of Spear and Axe, for more Swings (different attack Combination)
-Fire Arrows ( with this beautiful new Light /Shadow system, will this be very nice on Dark map Zone)
-Knives for throwing (maybe for Shade with MoonBlade) mix.

-a like a Dwarf Shotgun
-a Flail with 2 or 3 Balls but more little Balls.
-a ( i don’t know the Name, is hard to find old Weapon Name) like a Spiked Club but is sometime called Flait or/and Mace,(i mean exist a extra name for this) here a Google Link form a Pic:
is more like a Starter Weapon.

-a Fireball to use as Shield (like right click make a Fire Cyrle for Protection)
(this Idea have other Guys too on Steam Forum btw.)

  • like short (20cm) thin (like 2cm) Metal Sticks, to heat up and Trow, (i mean this was a old Medieval torture Tool) or she use like 3-5 of this Metal Sticks can use this as Shield, throw or smash on short Range.

I will Update this Thread here with Edit function, if i have new Ideas!

Update Suggestion: Left Hand Weapons for All!

One Hand Weapon are faster and some are Strong!
But why not a little extra Function?
Like the Pistol to the Rapier!
Class or/and Subclass orentiatet Left Hand use.
Maybe as Combination with a Hit Combo (after or before Power Hit, normal hit Combo) or just so.

The Basic Weapon > Left Hand Attack (Function)

OneHand Sword And Mace > Fist Punch (VS Armor or just a Push Back and like a Parry)

OnHand Axt > Fist Punch (VS Armor or just a Push Back and like a Parry) :slight_smile:

OneHand Sword > Fist Punch or a Kiss Hand XD :slight_smile: (just a bit Joke, i have no Idea :wink:
OneHand Sword > Throwing Knives (VS Head from Armored Guys (hits like in the HelmHole)
OneHand Sword > DustBlow (for make the Enemy short Blind (like a 1sec Stun) or Throwing Knives.

For all OneHand > Pistol like the Rapier (maybe different Pistols with different CD, Different Range and Different Power (like some “normal” Pistol" and some like mini Blunderbuss"))
Or > Fist Punch :slight_smile:

Dagger, Sword, Flame Sword > Make like a Flame Cyrle in the Air as Shield +1 Stamina Shield for like 2 sec.

If some Guys have more and deeper Ideas for LeftHand Function for some Weapons PLZ Post

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While your ideas for new weapons don’t seem to bring much to the table (with the possible exception of magical shield for Sienna), I would love to see more utilisation of the Weapon Special button. As it is now, there are only two weapons to use it (afaik), which is far too little to actually learn to use it. Both are also of arguable usefulness.

is not like Nothing! ^^
bit Basic Update mixed! 2 Hand Mace as like Update!
hey, the Fist! don’t forget the Fist XD
(Is not easy to find new Stuff or Combinate and modified some Real Medieval and Fantasy Weapons)

Feel free to bring more Ideas XD
I like the Idea whit like a bundle of Metal Sticks! like Flying Sticks, Transform in different Geometric Forms! use as Shield and to throw XD ( but this is to hart for this Game i think… more like Hellraiser :slight_smile: )

I don’t know, exist another Thread list for Idea Collection? i don’t see it… main Idea was just to collect some Ideas. ( I will Update here )

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