Weapon suggestions

what if Saltzpyres spear could be used somewhat like hook rats where you tag an enemy and drag them around. strafing around the tagged target, dodge incoming hits or toss them into a horde using stamina for a knock back on a small group of enemies.

this would be so satisfying to do against shield rats or chaos warriors.

as for Sienna’s flame Flail it could get a ranged fireball (like globadeers) setting enemies and the ground on fire.

Kruber could get a black rat spear or chaos warrior axe with a charge ground stun attack.

i was thinking a teleporting knife for kirilian used as a special on a dual sword/knife activate to toss (maybe it goes through enemies for more control over where to teleport to) and activate again to teleport to the knife.

Barding axe’s could deal dmg on the way back to him maybe infuse them with lightning runes that deal splash dmg when tossed on the ground.

it would spice the weapons up a bit and make them a little more interesting.

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