The New Weapons are

Some of the new weapons are very poorly thought. Some totally make no sense lore wise. e.g: the 1 handed axe for the elf. and making heroes dual wield 1 handed weapons is a lazy way to come up with new weapons esp when they are make the 1 handed counter part obsolete in a way. looking at victors duel wield.

here are the weapons that would make sense according to lore.

ELf: sword and shield, spear and shield.

kruber: he is a martial class so he can carry any weapon.

victor: rapier and dagger or rapier and buckler. Melee weapon + Torch (Maddred’s suggestion) this last one is very witch huntery.

seinna: sythe , double handed flame sword

dwarf: again is a martial class so can have any melee weapons or combination.

what I am trying to say is just giving every one dual weapon choices is making the classes that did have dual wield loose their charm and giving an ELF an AXE is so immersion breaking that is like an Orc sneaking around in stealth with dual daggers.

So please FS in the future refrain from these kind of weapons for the sake of adding weapons. Otherwise this expansion seems like a great expansion. I esp like the twist of the hidden secret.


For Victor a broadsword or hilted sword (the military rapier predecessor) + buckler would make sense. Also Victors rapier model should be modified with broader blade, cause he clearly is wielding a typical duelling/civilian thrusting rapier, a weapon that simply was bad at cutting and rather frail compared to typical military weapons. It would make more sense zeeing sthat his light strike is a fast slash that often cuts off limbs and heads. Yes, it would be a pure visual change, but to me it would add a lot of immersion.

For Victor WHC I would like to see a sword and torch combo :wink: also two handed (comet) flail will be awesome :slight_smile:


Uhhh elven battle axes are a thing in warhammer lore


Oooooooo, how did i miss that? that is so witch hunter like. Ill add that to the post if you dont mind.

Aye. They are in the lore.
Be really cool to see the High Elf “woodsman axe” in the game.
Big Elven 2h axe!

true like the High elf white Lions. but this axe she got now is like a hatchet that we use in the kitchen.

Elves are sophisticated beings they have finesse in their weapons and warfare.

this one handed Axe is total opposite of Finesse. it feels more like what the dwarfs one handed axe should be like.

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we arent calling the tiny hatchet keri is holding a battle axe now ? or are we

tbh she looks like a confused hippy lumberjack with that thing


Sure, no prob :wink:

That is true… I like it being a 1h axe since she already has a glaive. But wouldn’t mind a sweet high elf looking illusion for it.

Then again I sort of like the current look, kinda goes with the whole end times thing and Kerillian being separated from her people and their fancy weaponry.

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Don’t touch my massively overpowered dagger-in-a-hand-on-the-end-of-a-stick thing for Sienna, although I think Sienna could be benefited from something like sword and dagger combo or a different staff. I know. Ranged meta. but imagine if you could have a different style of staff would be cool. Or a wand would be cool… A better combo for dwarf would be been axe and hammer or hammer and 1h pick.


I know on the stream people asked about a fire whip for Sienna. But the Devs said it would be the hardest weapon to implement.

With Seinna being a mage and all, I wouldn’t expect her to be proficient enough to dual wield weapons.

At the same time, I would love to see a club for kruber or Bardin lol. Smash ratties heads in XD


A double hand sword or axe for Sienna would be awesome!

I can see the whip being a difficult weapon to animate, work with precision targeting(or whatever its now called in its current iteration).

A flaming flail could be cool though.

While I agree a scythe would be cool for Sienna, it’s not actually at all loreful. Scythes in Warhammer are associated with followers of the Death God, Morr, and with Nurglites, AFAIK. They’re not associated with Bright Wizards - swords are. They can even create fire swords.

I am actually quite pleased with the new weapons - though at first I thought they seemed uninspired. They manage to fill a shade in most characters’ kits that they didn’t have before. They have noticeably less mobility than the single-weapon variants, while still having unique and cool attack patterns. Dual Hammers in particular finally gives non-Slayer Dwarf classes a really fast punchy weapon.

I do hope we get more unique weapons with the next weapon update. There are a lot of neat ideas floating around. I’ve been wondering, too, about weapons with unique gimmicks . . . like imagine a sacrificial dagger that gets charged up by killing enemies, and when you get x number of kills its next attack is far more powerful - only an example idea.

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