Dual wield weapon!

Wouldn’t dual wield weapons be fun in this game? like the axe and falchion in V2 or dual hammers dual axes might they be added in the future not specifically the same but some dual wielding weapons would be fun… alright bye


I will say about a bit different dual wielding - i was surprised in a bad way that melee+pistol combination isn’t there in the game. Such an iconic loadout for WH40K. Especially after they made something close with rapier+pistol, they could just develop this idea, but rushed release, not-an-early access etc.


There feels like there’s key things missing for sure.

Sword & pistol, plasma pistol, dual wield melee, 2 handed for Ogryn. An actually large 2 handed sword (Standard, force, and an actually correct giant eviscerator. Still feels too small compared to what it’s based on, IMO).

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Well there is a bit of sense for their absence.

Introducing in an update a simple knife, or the Catachan swords would be good, but won’t be anything specials.

But for those kits, they (GW and FS) know that those will pull peoples, so they will come, and personally I’m waiting for Twin Chain Axes

Dual would be fantastic!

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I think it would be neat if they inverted Saltz rapier and pistol, giving us a pistol and sword that was primarily a ranged weapon that we could block/parry with. Parry an attack to stagger an enemy and while they’re recoiling you shoot them in the face with a plasma pistol.


I think people would expect it to be stronger than wielding a single weapon, and yet another power creep issue. It would be fun to wield them like a ninja, and perhaps they make limit the option to certain weapons.

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YES PLEASE, i wanna dual wield axes or knives or CHAINSWORDS on my zealot!!

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