New Class: Chaos Warrior

I was thinking about this the other day, and have honestly thought about it alot.
Wouldn’t it be really cool to have a Chaos Warrior join the ranks of our Heroes, just to mess up for the Chaos Warriors of Nurgle?

I thought about the 3 classes it would have, and that there are 3 other chaos gods, and since Chaos Warriors serve all the chaos gods, it made me genuinly smile.

The first class could be like “Slaaneshi Swordsman” where I am thinking something akin to Saltzpyre’s Rapier, but instead of a rapier it’s a Cutlass, and it could Riposte like Kruber’s Bretonnian Longsword. For the Ability I could see something like “Grant 25% more attack speed to nearby teammates”, which in my opinion, while similar to Salty boy’s thing, would be very useful.

The second class could be “Tzeentchian Sorcerer”. This would just be a wizard class, but with different magic effects and colours, to that of the Warp, so probably something Purple. For the ability I imagine maybe summoning a temporary Daemon, or maybe creating a large area that slows and damages enemies that walk on it.

The third class is obvious. “Khorne Berzerker”. This is just common knowledge, Dual axes, and the ability would be “Get 25% more attack speed and gain health based on the enemy killed, or double the value if you have the talent”.

The numbers could obviously be tweeked, so don’t fuss about it <3

Now, clearly the biggest question is “Okay OP, you absolute madlad - seriously you’re insane and I’m calling the cops - How do you expect them to even introduce this new ‘partnership’? They are already fighting Chaos, why would they let a chaos worshipper fight WITH them?” Well, hold your horses, because this is where I am spiraling off, so grab yourself a barf bag.

Throughout history in Warhammer, both Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, and 40K, there have been numerous occassions where the forces of “good” have taken the aid of certain forces of evil. It’s a type of “To fight the Evil, you must let the Devil in” deal. I can imagine the scenario being something like this…

The heroes return to the keep, jolly and satisfied with the result of their latest mission. They enter through the gate into the keep, greeting Lohner, who doesn’t reply. He’s sweating, cleaning tankards with a towel while his gaze slowly shifts to the side of him. On a Box, right next to Lohner('s Imporium of Goodies) sits a Dark Armor-Clad warrior, with the very familiar Chaos Star branded upon his (or her) armor. The foul grin upon his face as he looks at them through his helmet. He leans back, holding a steady grip on his sword, as he smiles at them even fouler, uttering only a few words.

“I have a Proposition for you, Heroes of Ubersreik~”

As for chatting with eachother, I imagine Saltzpyre and Kerillian would have nothing good to say, but I can see Bardin, Kruber and Sienna sometimes asking “What? Who? When? Why?” questions. Questions regarding the Chaos Warrior’s life choices, their way of living, and their backstory and rites and such. Obviously Salt would shun upon this…

Now, I’m just gonna pop this out: I know this will NEVER happen. It won’t happen, I don’t expect it to happen, this post is NOT to tell them to make it happen, I am aware - That THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

This is just my own rambling little thoughts, and I felt I needed to write it all down, and see what others thought about it. None of the ideas were taken time to think of, so no numbers or statistics are set in stone, they could be tweeked, should this ever have become a thing, which it won’t.

<3 Love Ya <3


If this ever becomes reality, the rules of RP demand we teamkill the CW every time.


There are unfortunately no scenarios where a Witch Hunter and a Chaos Warrior would ever team up, even in End Times. Vampires had a brief alliance in the end, Nagash, Dark Elves, Greenskins even. But those are forces of Destruction allying with Order. The forces of Chaos remain the enemy.

However, I also would love to play as a Chaos Warrior. One lore-friendly way we might see this is if Versus included a PVE mode where you play as A CW/Chaos Sorcerer/Skaven Assassin/Warlock Engineer. A higher tier of the specials we face, with copied weapons from the heroes an appropriate active ability, and a specific line of select talents designed to bring that character to life. Not a full build or alternate builds, and only one weapon set for each character.

For example the Plague Sorcerer would have two staves, a close range beam staff like Sienna recolored green, and dealing damage generates temp hp, works like lifeleech. And a conflag staff that instead of creating a fire patch, creates the blightwind vortex for a bit. Long range AOE. Damages and tosses enemies caught in it. F would be a redone version of Battle Wizard’s teleport. A few select talents to finish bringing the class to life, and you’re set. Use the blightstormer model.

Skaven assassin would have dual daggers, and the ranged weapon would be a pounce that you charge up. Works like running forward with pick, but further and through the air. F is the smoke bomb from ranger.

You fight empire defenders on the same maps. Reskins of merc as regular guardsmen, and of Footknight as stormvermin equivalents. Witch Hunters with dual pistols in place of rattling gunners. Etc. Copy it all over. Could have a slayer bossfight just like Spinemanglr, or a Battle Wizard boss fight similar to Nurgloth. Pickups on the level instead of bombs are reinforcements, that spawn a wave of fodder to fight alongside you, such as skavenslaves. Premise is that its the first assault, of how these places fell to Chaos before our heroes arrived.

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It doesn’t make sense at all.

Just give every hero a chaos career, who cares anyways since everything is a “what if”-szenario or make everyone an orc or change their gender. Everything is possible. / :upside_down_face: \

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A Chaos Warrior would be hard to believe. A Norscan of some variety however would potentially be possible.

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Give me my female Saltzpyre and I will definitely get Edwina flashbacks. Saltzpyre’s 4th career, not confirmed, but teased. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I think they went so overboard with GK, that I almost can see a “darkest timeline” career where our heroes succumb to the dark gods. Tzeench takes Saltzpyre, Slaanesh Sienna, Khorne Bardin, Nurgle, well, I’d have said a syphilitic Kruber, but since we have a career for him, maybe Kerillian, for some reason. “Blood and bone make for good mulch” after all.

Just to be clear, I’m not advocating this.
I just find it a bit paradoxical that most of these ideas would actually build on the existing lore more than the grail knight did.
If you read between the lines, it’s quite likely Saltzpyre is already ensnared by Tzeench, and there’s a line between Kerillian and Sienna, where the elf replies to the wizard that the Thirsting Prince is always hungry for her sort.
But no, I don’t think I’d like to see this, at least not as a gameplay addition. If it’s bound to happen it’ll happen, I’m not too fond of the divergent storylines thing.