Chaos warrior class

i know this sounds crazy but no one hates the chaos gods more than they hate each other. Why not add a chaos champion into the fray that aligns himself with the other 5 heroes. His careers could reflect the other gods as well. Such as Khore, slaanesh, tzeentch and undivided.

The character could be similar to archaon in the fact he was chosen by the gods(not nurgle of course) and goes on a rampage/crusade to ruin papa nurgles plans and slaughter the skaven. i Know it’s a long shot but i can imagine it would be very fun.

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Well it would be good for solo players. First kill whole party then…leave game. Queue and repeat.

We’re right in the END TIMES, which means: The Chaos Gods was able to lay aside their squabbling a bit and gang up on the rest of the world…

And that’s not even going with what would happen if a Chaos Worshipper would come in Saltzpyres sight… Dead meat…

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But we can already do that!

Which turned out rather … meh. Like always.

I know we can. But if that would be a chaos warrior it would be meaningless;p

every day. every single day this, and a grail knight pops up in some forum.

I … I mean WE need big viking norsca guy ! :kissing_heart:

Something like this one :heart_eyes:

As much as I like chaos, the lore would not approve. A seperate campaign/DLC where you are chaos instead would be nice though very unlikely.

It would have been possible like 5 years ago before the 5th chaos god Malice or Mal was made non canon by gw literally only existed to mess with the other gods plans

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