Chaos Career for al Heroes

it said a lot that we would like to see New Careers or Heroes. I would like to have both in the Future.
However i never seen anyone write something ike this Idea i think, however im not on the Forum 24/7

What about having Chaos Careers for our Team of heroes?
The idea is not to have all Chaos Good represented but i fel like it fits them particuarly anyways.
On Salty and Krub you could go Vice Versa maybe, not sure who had the Line; This Rotblood Worship Nurlge, foulest of the Dark Good! Would fit that Guy ^^ cause of that Line

Bardin Chaos Dwarf
Axe or Hammer
Ranged Curse of Hashut; Direct Dmg spell$
Ulti; Ash Storm, not sure how it works. But could be made so in a Aoe in Front of him, every Enemi is
Tagged and counted as Horde Type until Death, except Bosses

Kruber Chosen Nurgle
Scythe and Swarm of Flies as ranged
Tanky and HP Regen
Ulti; AoE Rot of Nurgle, Dmg over time for Enemies that

Sister of Slaughter
Sword and Whip, no Ranged
Super fast Movement and Attack

Tzeentch Sorcerer
Lightning Sword, Lightning Attack that Chains and Staggers,
Ulti; Vortex AoE maybe slow Down Time for Enemies

Dual Axes, fast Hitting
Ulti; Bloodrush, which makes u harder hitting the longer it goes on, no stagger and mass Temp HP so u can throw yourself into the midst of Enemies without fear





I think the reason that no one posted an idea like this is routed in general Warhammer lore.
This is not 40k, where you could still sympathize with people like Eisenhorn;

Spoilers for the Eisenhorn trilogy and Ravenor Magos:

even though he is declared Extremis Diabolis and uses a deamon to murder fellow Inquisitors and/or their retinue. Yeah, story is so good they pulled that off. One little side story in Magos even explains how the Lectitio Divinatus came into being, which is a huge reveal. Dan Abnett has a lot of freedom, apparently.

In Warhammer Fantasy there is less… leeway for heretics and the like. There are no ‘allowed’ radical factions within the fantasy inquisition, everyone gets purged. The only reason Saltzpyre lives is because it’s the End Times and Skaven are already everywhere, and it’s not like that he has a lot of contact with people who don’t know that Skaven exist.

So, for someone like Lohner, who is most likely part of the Emperors Eyes, secret agents of the Emperor, to support even a tiny bit of heresy is unthinkable. It’s not like you proposed usage of cursed items or smth like that, that even happened in the story (aquiring artifacts all over the place, in V1 and V2) or even doing rituals like in Drachenfels (both games). You say that the characters totally converted to Chaos (with the exception of the elf), even to different gods, is a bit more than unlikely.
The only thing that could happen would be either converting completely to only Nurgle (but who would they then fight?), or to an opposing Chaos god.

Alas, those careers would change so much about the story, the characters, the enemy factions and the whole game that it’s… unrealistic. Sorry to say that. FS future plans for V2 are already filled out for 2 years at least and i doubt that after that anything will even be added anymore. The plans include, but are not limited to: the last 2 Drachenfels maps, new careers for all characters (you got that right), overhaul of the crafting system, the seasons with their shuffling of the weaves, another 2 map packs (at least i hope that), and general maintenance and bug fixing.


FS said that they MIGHT be able to put out ONE new career for ONE character, by the end of 2020.
Not 5, but 1.
While your request is understandable, it’s also impossible.

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Well that’s not true. They said we are getting at least one new career this year.

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They never say anything definite, why would they with this one?

Why? I don’t know. I just know they did.

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Not might, they said they WILL put out at least one new career before the end of 2020, and that with luck we’d get more but they don’t wanna make promises.

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Excuse my ignorance of Druchii lore, which I fullheartedly despise, but what exactly has Sister of Slaughter do with Chaos career?

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Aren’t Dark Elves heavily influenced by Slaanesh? (at least Morathi is, isn’t she?)

To some minor extent I guess? But I fail to see the extreme Chaos “presence” as all the other suggested hero variants have. They are still Druchii. We could argue that by this standard, Kerillian already has a Chaos career - Shade.

It’s like 4 Chaos creeps and a Druchii

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True. Does Khorne have connections to the chaos gods? Shade is (like all Dark Elves) a Khorne follower…
Altogether I don’t like the idea. Let the heroes stay heroes pliiis…

No, they worship Khaine - an Elf god, not Khorne - a Chaos god.


Ahh right I confused the names.


Can’t exactly blame you, they’re very alike lol.
Not to mention all the theories that they’re the same gods (They’re not, afaik)

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I always thought Warhammer’s biggest flaw is how black & white / completely unflexible it is with its lore. Both fantasy and 40k are still leagues more entertaining than dungeons and dragons, but still a huge downer that everything is either absolutely A or absolutely B with no room for intrigue.

But that’s a problem with Games Workshop, not FS

What do you mean by A and B exactly? Do you want more lesser evil and lesser good things? (more “colours”)
Or like in D&D weird forms like chaotic good or neutral?

Yes, Morathi is heavily into Chaos sorcery, but not particularly Slaneesh. The rest of the Druchii being all Slaneeshi and stuff was retconned around 6th edition, if i remember right, with Slaneesh being replaced by token godess Atharti (who is basically Slaneesh light).

You should consider reading the book series i mentioned, both Eisenhorn and Ravenor, there is a looot of grey.

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