Bad idea given little thought

What if…just an idea, there was an expansion to play a few levels as the enemy factions. Not pvp but sort of, a force of the enemy attacking a town or some such. Like the fort level but from the other side. Some limited enemy “heroes” could be smash. Not a direct copy of the enemy type but something more tailored to being played

  • A playable chaos warrior with a nice choice of large weapons. Swords, axes, hammers…all big all smashy.

  • A shaven Eshin runner, plays a bit similar to shade…stealth, smoke bomb something, fighting claws or maybe weeping blades. Ranged can be throwing weapons.

  • A Skaven engineer. Simple melee weapons but great at range. Warlock pistols, maybe even some kind of rattling gun with an “overheat” meter.

-A chaos sorcerer life drain, storms…but smaller than the enemy type. Lots of ideas.

They go against empire troops. Humans mostly. Halbriders, foot soldiers, knights as a mini boss. Archers, maybe even an enemy wizard. Possibly even have a warrior priest as a boss or something. Thoughts? Criticism welcome it’s a bad idea.

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I think it would be interesting, and I’d be happy if they did it. But my concern about it is it might split the playerbase between two different modes. I’d personally rather have more characters made that can be used in conjunction with the already playable characters. But sure, it’s not a bad idea.

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