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I really like the new system of classes introduce by V2, and the story behind each choice made by the character. So, I’ve a few ideas of an “uncommon” classes for each character. By “uncommon”, I mean an unlikely way followed by them. You’ll understand a bit better as soon as you see them ! let’s go with Bardin first.

- Rune Priest : Bardin becomes old, his beard has never been that long, and with that, he has acquiered a lot of knowledges about the runic system of the Dawi. Through his trek, he has think a lot about working on that, if only he survived. After his way in Ubersreik, he choose to learn more about that.
Passive : All the melee weapons use by Bardin gains a bonus of armor piercing.
Ability : Bardin call the runes, and such, grants him and the allies nearby to absorb a hit every x seconds.
He would use a melee weapon, but no ranged weapons. However, he could equip special runes, giving his melee weapons special properties, like slowness, fire, very high armor piercing, etc.

- Warrior Priest of Sigmar : Kruber has change a lot after Ubersreik. He has been touched by Sigmar, and decided to become His hammer in the coming fights.
Passive : small boost of Health.
Ability : calling the power of his god, his hits are more powerful than ever (bigger damage for x seconds).
This class would introduce 1h hammer and 1h hammer in each hand for Kruber, while he could use “prayers” to gain some bonuses. It would be quite fun to hear him pray while crushing chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

- Priestress of Isha : After leaving her forest for a very long time, Kerilian become more and more sensitive to human perils. The invasion of Skaven, and now, Chaos, made her thinking more about the other and the rest of the world, loosing her disdain and scorn about the “weaker” races. She decided to give herself to Isha, and tries to make this world better, by fighting against the worst.
Passive : to see !
Ability : calling her godess, she gives a small health regen for x seconds.
This class would introduce shields and javelins for her, as well as a few new weapons (the spear the glade guard uses for instance, forgot its name).

- Thief/assassin : loosing his faith in Sigmar, Saltspyre abandonned all hope with the chaos invasion and the inevitable fall of the Empire. He left the order, and lived like a thief and an assassin now, even if he stays loyal to his former comrades of Ubersreik.
Passive : to see !
Ability : smoke bomb, that stun the man sized foes and hide from the special for x seconds.
New weapons ! saber, knifes, throwing knifes, dual knife and mace, etc.

However, I’ve really no idea for Sienna ! What are your thoughts about that ? Any other ideas ? :slight_smile:

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No, just no…

The Worship of Taal has been a steady part of Krubers character and he never was the “Warrior Priest” kind of guy, just like the devotion to Sigmar had been for Saltzpyre.

Runesmith Bardin:
"They are a suspicious lot and jealously protect the secrets kept in their anvils and hammers, guarding the knowledge that allows them to make magic items — weapons, armour, rings and talismans - of greater potency than items wrought by any other mortal race upon the world. The ancient Guild of Runesmiths is one of the oldest and most respected institutions in all of Karaz Ankor. "

“The number of Runesmiths is not very great, and those remaining are related to each other, often in some very remote fashion. Each carries on his direct family’s traditions, learning the craftsmanship of blending magic and metal together by use of mighty runes of power. Runesmiths are ancient and powerful individuals. At the very least they will have endured hundreds of years of harsh apprenticeship under the demanding eye and unforgiving hand of their forebear. Older Runesmiths will have survived hundreds of years of further toil, centuries of beating runes from hot metal, and decades of searching out old secrets in the depths of lost Dwarf strongholds. As a result, it is hard to imagine a tougher or cantankerous Dwarf.[1a]”

you do not just become a Runesmith and you do not just get the knowledge about runecraft from being a dwarf ranger. Not without being taught as runesmith…

Priestess of Isha: 1) Kerillian is a warrior. 2) the Everqueen IS (one of the two) incarnations of Isha…

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I’d rather see entirely new characters than adding more classes to existing ones.

High Elf Swordmaster/White Lion
Bretonnian Questing Knight
Lizardman Mage
Vampire Counts Blood Knight (They fought with the Empire during the End Times)
Black Orc Mercenary (Why not? Orcs like fighting and can be paid off as mercenaries)
Tomb Kings Relic Seeker (They’re not mindless and they arent evil)

Cant go wrong with more options. :thinking:

How about Sienna is able to use another wind of magic? I know humans can only use one wind of magic, but, maybe someone can think about any reason about it :joy:

Some examples:

*Lore of Life, Sienna can heal with his ability
*Lore of Metal, Sienna deals more damage to armoured enemies

I would like to see more classes in the dlcs, and also a new character. I think Fatshark had a great idea with the classes, but I would like to see someone new in the game

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I can understand tank class for saltzpyre cause he got none, but besides that?

Well, it’s “just” a game in the WH world. I know that Bardin becoming a Runesmith would be a bit strange from a lore perspective, but it would widely open the door for a very cool and interesting gameplay !

Furthemore, do you really imagine an ironbreaker outside of the underground of the Karaz Ankor ? A Wood elf outside of Athel Loren ? Even a battle mage is something really, really rare.

I think my ideas would be fun, but hey, it’s fatshark to decide :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like these ideas they seem fun. I like the idea of a redeemed sienna but I don’t know how it would work mechanically as I guess it would revolve around her not using her fire magic but that is the most fun part of her ^^

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