Future character's

2 other type of mages

Ice mage: freezes hordes and used ice spikes and other types of attacks to deal with enemies.

Lighting mage: Uses chain lighting and lighting bolt attacks and other forms of shocks or stuns onto the enemy.

allow for a healer mage or healer character to begin with, dont make his heals very over powered however.

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This isn’t world of warcraft we dont need a bunch of mages


ok it can still just be under sienna’s choices. it would make sense to have the variety

Warhammer has many lores of magic and it’d be real cool to see them represented more, we already have 4 of 5 characters not using magic.

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There is no such thing in the warhammer universe


thank you for this lol…Frost mage XD LOOL

You would be mistaken - there are several magic lores outside the 8 winds of magic, and Kislevite ice magic is one of them. http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Ice_Magic

While I do agree it’d be nice to see more Winds of Magic (and outside winds), it would obviously require a new character. I’m limited in my Warhammer knowledge past 1st Edition of tabletop rpg, but I do think mages cannot swap college like that, Sienna would actually have to study a hell lot to use another wind (correct me if I’m wrong).
Nonetheless, still according to 1st edition, Taal and Rhya (same cult in the book) priest got some nice healing and natural magic. So maybe a Taal priest career for Kruby :slight_smile:

For human lifetimes, yeah, one school of magic is generally as much as can be learned. Elves, on the other hand, can learn a wider mastery of magic (in TT example, Teclis, while not exactly a good example of a common elf mage, is a named mage character who has access to 9 magic lores).

Humans simply cant master more than one Wind of Magic.

As for healing magic… that just wouldnt work for this game I think.

Sienna as Kislevian Ice Witch? Yes please :wink:

it was a suggestion i guess, i didnt take the lore into account when i made the comment, however, the point still stands. I do own warhammer total war 1 and 2 and i know ice magic exists. these were some suggestions, thats all.

uhm… there are no “ice” or “lightning” mages in Warhammer :wink: We already got 2 wizzards in the game and it would hurt the immersion if there’d be a 3rd one since its Warhammer and the use of Magic is strongly restricted.
If there would be a new character, which I’d doubt, it should be smth like a Warrior Priest or even a Bretonian.

Id like to see a WP character but now that I think about it… what would his other 2 careers be?

Before being smug, you might want to be more familiar with what you are talking about. Kislevite Ice magic is a thing, and College of Heavens includes lightning based spells.

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No, you are wrong.

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Would it be cool to add a lizardman character for dlc? A saurus(whos got a little bit more going on than the average saurus) who was sent to a location by one of the slann priests as part of the great plan. The character would come across our hero’s fighting the skaven and join the fight. His reasons could be that the ubersriek hero’s goals aline with his mission and killing some skaven and chaos would be a plus, or he just likes killing skaven(nothing wrong with that).

saurus careers:
scar-veteran (dps?) passive: uses his cold blood to shrug off pain(add temp hp has a cool down(20-30sec?idk)) ability: bite(someone think of a better name). scruff mcgruff’s the hell of out of someone on a kill restores hp(2-5%?) non kill poisons the target(takes x damage for 10sec?)
temple guard (tank) passive:Iron will. cannot be status(i.e. gas rats, biletrolls vomit may still take damage). ability stand sentry. gains dmg resistance 5-10%(?) plus all hero’s gain one stamina shield users gain two.
cold one rider (CC/tracker?) passive: enhanced smell. able to see(an outline) of any special when they are in x radius of the COR saurus. ability: beast call(?) the C.O.R would call a beast to help fight(for x amount of time or charges ahead and clears a hole in a mob)
Weapons: melee variations of shields and clubs, spiked clubs, spears, halberd and shield(temple guard only) ranged bows and throwing spears(COR only)


i do like the idea of lizardmen, however, they should add newer enemy types to the story other than agents of chaos and scaven factions. i suggest orcs, goblins, or the undead. This allows for the creation of newer playable races as well. isnt the story about the factions of good or neutral vs evil?

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Instead of Saurus, how about either Chameleon skink or Krox? Both got a lore “friendly” option with Oxyotl (DLC to unlock him to be a mission series to face a exalted daemon and instead of a final boss a warp portal opens with him sitting on the corpse of the daemon) and Nakai (something like “the defeat of Rasknitt allowed a adept Grey Seer to take a fraction of the forces and is attempting to salvage the remains of the skittergate” mission where after getting too late due to a dual rat ogre fight out of the gate comes the Kroxigor and bashes in the head of the new seer just as he is trying to cast warp lightning).

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Skink makes the most sense.

Skink Skirmisher
Skink Chamelon
Skink Priest