Add Elements to weapons like ICE, FIRE, WIND (ICE Sword)

For example : 10% chance to freeze an enemy for 5 seconds, 10% chance to put an enemy on fire for 10 seconds dealing additional damage, 10% chance to push enemies upwards into the air or push them back for like 15 feet to create space, Giving the weapons maybe a cooler look like a frozen ICE


That’d be cool (haha, get it?), but wouldn’t really be lore friendly. Unless a character was an Ice Witch or Astromancer, I don’t think they could do that. Sienna has a fire sword cuz she’s a Bright Wizard, but human minds can’t grasp magic enough to master multiple lores. Only Elves and Slann can do that, as I recall.

I think Fatshark are going to stick to lore - and if they won’t, then likely Games Workshop would shoot down any ideas that aren’t lore-accurate. They’re kinda sticklers about that kinda thing.


Well, I guess it’s time to drop a Lore-Master of Hoeth into the team! (laugh track runs in the background)

I also like the idea of more highly-magical feeling weapons, but I also believe @BizarreSalp sorta nails it on the head with the lore-stuff. Games Workshop are absolutely brutal about anything that edits their lore-accurate gameplay experience.


Keep in mind, fancy magic weapons are littered, and quite common when combined with the number of “blessed” weapons, throughout the Warhammer fantasy world so something like this would not be beyond the realm of possibilities. In some cases during the End TImes, all it took was to be near a source of power to receive some of the benefits. Plus this would play into the frequent requests for different skins and talents so it’s kind of a multiple request in one. So this is kind of just a repeat request from many members of the community.

I See, and still ain’t happening that’s fantastic

maybe magic runed weapons?

It is a request that will probably come in time. However, I’d rather see the existing traits, perks and talents reworked like the weapon balance for more meaningful variability in the stat boosts and game play than skins. I’d also prefer a new character and maps to weapon skins. I personally do not play the game to collect weapon skins, I play for the game-play aspects and would rather see further development there to add to the longevity of the game versus skins I see when they are unlocked and never used again. Based on all the feedback posts, I think most of the community tends to agree with that as well which is why FS is focusing on those elements.

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I really detest RNG. When the difference between living and dying is RNG instead of skill related there is a serious problem. Crit chance is bad enough already.

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