Hindsight is 20/20, but I wish Sienna had been a High Elf instead so her staves could have been different magics instead of all fire

She’d only be slightly less insufferable than Kerilian at worst. But more importantly I really would have loved to see how the other lores of magic would play out in this game.

I can imagine Beast magic would have something akin to Bolt Staff’s charged attack and summon crows similar to what you could do in Bioshock Infinite.

Metal magic could have had something akin to Psyker’s psychic bolts and a slow debuff on Armoured enemies.

But most of all I’m very curious what an Unchained would look like for the other winds of magic. Like would a Beast Unchained would look like a straight up sasquatch?

I hope that the next tide game they do is unrelated to VT for that reason in the main part.

And is why I hope they do one with the Dreadfleet as it would let them have 2 possible casters, 1 being a High Elf Mage, that would have spells of the different winds + a single spell of Quaysh as the ability, and an Araby hailing one, which would have either elementals or the wind of death

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You want another elf?! You are crazy…


Alternatively a Dark Tide approach where you have ~5 semi customizable characters. And one of them is “Imperial College Agent” that can be made into any one of the orders.

Then of course you have Dwarf who can branch off into slayer, engineer, ranger, hammerer, or Ironbreaker.

Basically race-> vocational path


Not exactly, I want the next tide game for fantasy to be about a new tide, a new group and a new setting/subject

In which case I see:

Tide: Dreadfleet: Combination of Vampire Count, Vampire Coast, Chaos Dwarf, Tomb King and Undead Skaven

Cast: 5 officers of the Grand Alliance: A Barak Varr Navy (Hedda Bardinsdottir); A Heldenhammer officer (Maybe an old member of the Grudgebringers); A High Elf Mage; a Pirate (Could also be an Ogre, but I think it wouldn’t); and an Araby character (Either a half-caster or even an Ogre)

Setting: Anywhere around the Grand Ocean, from Lustria with LM Temple cities and Pirate shanties, from the Old world with Bretonnian, Empire and Dwarf ports, and from the Southland with the Tomb King cities and the Araby ones.

And obv the Galleon Graveyard


I would prefer if they went back to set character if they do a new fantasy tide game, AoS I would say it’s either, and for 40k, in most case no character would be better

make the characters evil, and call it humantide

The one guy, Mats - I think he’s the combat lead? - really, REALLY wants to do orks. Either fighting them or as them in either fantasy or 40k, he doesn’t seem to care. The rest of the team have been putting him off but he’s gonna get his one of these days.