What lore/fandom would you love FS to give the "Tide" treatment?

With their rock solid gameplay i am curious what yall would love to see get the “tide” treatment.

Starship Troopers i feel would lend itself amazingly to the formula (Bugtide?)

Bit of an odd one and i may be bias due to my love of dwarves but if LOVE to see a game about a group of dwarves trying to retake Moria (of LotR fame) from goblins. Simmilar to that announced “Return to Moria” game announced for PC but a FS Tide game. (Goblintide?)

Game Workshop linked

Dreadfleet (Named Dreadtide): Basically VCount/Vcoast/TombKing/Undead Skaven/Chaos Dwarf against Empire/Araby/Pirate/High Elf/Dwarf (Obv, with Hedda Bardinsdottir as playable character)

Waaghtide: Set in AoS, City of Sigmar and allied forces against the whole of Destruction (Orruk: Greenskinz/Normal; Crule Boys/Mork, Ironjawz/Gork; Bonespiltterz/Savage Orcs; Ogor: Gutbuster; Maneater; Firebelly; Raiders; Gitz: Moonclan/Night Gobbo; Spiderfangs/Forest Gobbo; Throggoth/Troll; + Allies: Fimirarch)

Dakkatide: As before, but set in 40k

Nidtide: Tyranid Tide game

Tuska Tide: An Ork (40k) game, where you’re an ork against Khornate Bloodletters (And other Khornate units), 4 Orks (Mech, Weirdzboi, Flashgit, Commando) and a Killa Kan Grots

I also did think of a LotR game but I saw it as a more diverse cast, mimicking the Community of the Ring, where Gandalf would be replaced by something but I don’t remember if there were lower power magicians out of the 5 Wizards

Dresden File: Set either Book 12 against the Red Court in South America or Book 17+ Fomor in Boston, with the normal people banding together with the Fey, the Warrior of Valhalla, the White Council and the others

Other wise I’d like a game where it’s set against the Old Ones (Cthulhu and other) where each character is a normal human that was chosen by an ancient god/monster (Like Athena, Odin…)

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I am not great with LotR lore but im fairly sure that the wizards are Radoghast the Brown, Gandalf the Gray/Later White, Saroman (spelling) the white, and the two blues. Maybe your LotR game could be the two blues off doing something? That seems wide open

Also, playable Hedda yaaaaaaaaaas

The thing is that book wise (and movie wise) I think there is only the 5 Wizard, but game wise some have made generic magician

Like Conquest had Mage for each faction (Rohan, Gondor, Mordor and Isengard)

And War in the North had a Mage too

So I don’t know really

I’d like more Warhammer in any of the three settings. There’s a great deal more to explore there.

But I don’t think that I would find LotR game a good fit. The whole feeling would feel wrong with how Vermintide is played and such. But maybe that’s just me?

Anyway, I could also see Howard’s Hyborian Age work in some form or another for a “tide” game. The brutality of the “tide” would certainly make a good fit.