Vampirate game Concept: Dreadtide

What if the next Warhammer fantasy game [quite far in the future hopefully] was centered around the Grand Alliance/Dreadfleet game ?

1. Setting

Dreadfleet is a warhammer fantasy game (Boxed iirc) which pitted 2 faction of 5 vessel, the Dreadfleet and the Grand Alliance, both try to kill each other to gain access to the Galleon’s Graveyard, a magical place in the Sea, where the soul of all the dead at sea rest

2. Character possibility:

Human Fighter: Sartosan Pirate [Swordfysh crewmate]
Alternate career: Warrior Priestor Myrmidia [or Manaan], Estalian Diestro,

Hireling Wizard: [Chamon/Metal; Shyish/Death; as long as it’s different than Sienna] Empire Wizard [Heldenhammer crewmate] or Araby Wizard [Flaming Scimitar]
Alternate Career:
Chamon: Cannonier [Gehena’s Golden Gun]/Armoured[Embodiment of Chamon]
Shyish: Cold Companion [Icy Grip of Death]/Shrouded [Embodiment of Shyish]
Azyr: Astrologist [Comet of Cassandora]/Stromclad or Stormweaver [Embodiment of Azyr]

Elf Reaver: Ulthuan Fleet Officer [Seadrake crewmate]
Alternate career: Black Ark Reaver/Lothern Seaguard/Shadow Warrior

Dwarf Fighter: Dwarf Engineer [Grimnir’s Thunder Crewmate] maybe Bardin’s daughter
Alternate career: Long Drong Slayer/Stormwarden [Barak Varr Ranger]

Human Fighter: Empire Captain [Heldenhammer crewmate]
Alternate Career: Nuln Cannonner/Warrior Priest of Sigmar

3. Reason of such crew:

At some point a Vampire Count became a Vampire under the name of Count Noctilus [Nyklaus Von Carstein], this Vampirate at some point raided Sartosa and killed the family of Jeago Roth. Jeago Roth was the son of a famous explorator/pirate that start a vengeance fueled crusade after stealing the biggest ship he could find, the Theologist of Sigmar’s own ship, the Heldenhammer, afterward he called upon to 5 other Pirate Commander/King:

  • Golden Magus: Mercenary Pirate, Commander of the Flaming Scimitar, he wield the power of Djiin (Elemental of Wind, Fire and Water/Ice) he is the first to join the Grand Alliance, his ship is crewed by Ogre Bodyguard (potential Character but I prefer a Wizard)

  • Aranessa Saltspite: Daughter of Manaan, the Pirate Queen and the commander of the Swordfysh, she is a mutant/seadaughter of Norsca that was abandoned at sea during infancy, she then was saved by the current and Naiad, as adult she cut of her fishtailed feet and attached Narwhal tusk as Peg Leg and joined a passing Pirate vessel, the Swordfysh afterward she rose up in the rank and in infamy

  • Red Brokk: Commander of Grimnir’s Thunder, an Engineer of Barak Varr, he joined the Grand Alliance due to a rumour, the Black Kraken has been sighted among the Dreadfleet. The captain of the Black Kraken, a particular Nautilius (Dwarf Submersible) built by Hackhart another Dwarf Engineer

  • Yrellian: Commander of the fastest ship of the High Elf Navy, the Seadrake, he join the GA because he want to visit the Galleon Graveyard to reclaim his dead brother, he is accompanied by a Dragon Symiel

4. Lord Enemies

As facing named enemies seem unlikely/impossible, those enemies would be second in commands and/or officers of the Dreadfleet, each Admiral of the Dreadfleet would be represented by one of their second in command:

  • Count Noctlyus/Vampire Lord: Main leader of the Dreadfleet, his second would be the local leader of the bases we would attack, Lore of the Deep and all around good fighter

  • Vangheist/Ghost Pirate: The Shadewraith (Vangeist’s ship) is basically the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship with a Ghost crew fleet

  • Amanhotep/Tomb lord: Amanhotep is the lord of Zandri, a Tomb King/Nehekaran ancient city which Jeago Roth (or maybe his father) raided, since he learned that Roth is trying to kill Noctilius, Amanhotep joind the Dreadfleet to kill Roth

  • Hackhart/DwarfTordrek Hackhart | Warhammer Wiki | Fandom (Chaos Dwarf, Demon Engine): Hackhart is the main reason Red Brokk joined the grand alliance, he became crazed and created the Nautilius Black Kraken, before trying to kill Brokk with a Rivet Claw. Having become a criminal Hakart hopped in his Black Kraken and fled, after some time he found his way in a Chaos Dwarf Hold. He is rumoured to not be a true Dwarf anymore (Demon Engine like) and that he joined the Dreadfleet

  • Skreetch/Skaven Zombies: Skreetch and his crew, a Clan Skurvy ship were eaten by a giant Orb Fish, they started eating the Fish to survive but ultimately they all died, Skaven and Fish, Noctilius then found the dead fish and reanimeted it, and the Skaven too, Skreetch was ready to scum the sea once again, now leading a force of Zombified Skaven, raiding Skaven ports to gain more Warpstone weapon and Zombies Slaves

5. Enemies (by category)


Skaven Zombies: Skaven Slaves (Simple reskin to make them more zombified)
Zombie Pirate Mob: Chaos Fanatic (Doesn’t need much reskin)
Deck Hand Zombies: Real Pirate like Zombie, they could also have low dmg/stagger ranged capacities (maybe 1 bullet)


Depth Guard: (Halbert, Twin Axe and Sword and Shield)
Syreen: Fast (Basically a Plague Monk)

Monster (Small):

Mournghul: Cross between a Monster and an Elite (Maybe spawn 2 at a time)
Animated Hulk: What could be a Plague Ogryn in Darktide (we shall see)
Rotting Promethean: Big Crabs, because crabs are the best (Nature know why)
Bloated Corpse: Explosive Bloated Zombie

Monster (Giant):

Necrofex Colosus: Giant Animated Ship (armed with canons and such)
Rotting Leviatan: A giant Promethean
Terrorgheist: Undead Dragon

Warboss/Heroes: (Appear randomly like Monster)

Gunnery Wight:

Gunnery Wights are Wights resurrected from the remains of skilled marksmen and gunners, instead of fallen warriors and champions. They are commonly seen as commanders in the undead fleets of the Vampire Coast.

Vampire Fleet Captain:

Fleet Captains are not only formidable fighters armed with the finest equipment aboard their vessels, but are also powerful Vampires who use dark forms of magic to hurt their enemies or regenerate their Undead minions

Ghost Corsair/Syreen/Sea Banshee:
The lord equivalent to a Syreen/Banshee


Deck Gunner: Equivalent to a Rattling
Zombie Pirate Gunner (Hand Cannon): Similar to a Gasrat but stagger and 1 time dmg
Zombified Skaven Gun team: Skreetch has brough new toys to the roster
Elder Syreen: Like a Lifeleech (captivate a hero and start bringing him closer to her)


Caster for the Lore of the Deep:
Slowing water (Support, non damaging but slow the heroes)
Whirpool: Basically what a Blightstormer is but blue
Wave: Maybe a mixed caster (Hybrid Melee Caster), just a stagger cone
Fog of the Damned: Debuff fog (maybe occulting the screen, if you stay in it to long), could work like a Gaz Rat

6.DLC Enemy Faction

  • Chaos Dwarf

Heavy Armour unit with fire and Black Powder Weapon
Chaos Dwarf Warrior: Chaos Warrior but smaller
Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss: Lighter armour but has a slow reloade Blunderbuss/shotgun
Bullcentaur Render: Monster like Cav unit
K’daai Fireborne: Fire Monster
K’daai Destroyer: Armoured K’daai with less AoE
Lahmasu/Great Taurus: (less likely) A quadriped monster that charge
Infernal Castellan: A simple Chaos Dwarf Warrior

  • Zandri’s Fleet

Taking only Monster unit, as Skeleton Warrior are redundant to the Zombie Pirate
Ubshati: Mauler like unit
Tomb Scorpion: Monster
Warsphinx: Giant Monster


Weapon would be sometime taken from Vermintide but also expandent to pirate weapon and also raided loot, Tomb King Weapon (Ancient Egyptian Weapon), Araby (Arabian Weapon and Djiin weapon), Ind (Indian Weapon), Kislev (Ever Ice weapon and Slav weapon), Cathay (since warhammer 3 would be long out they would have deepened lore compared to now, as does Old World bring) even Nippon for the weeb


The Red Moon Inn/Taal’s Horn Keep would be replaced by the belly of a Ship, either moving through a storm or docked in a hidden cove to avoid the movement of the ship

Most mission would be on Island, where we raid the Dreadfleet’s port/Hidden Cove, but could also have Lustrian Temple, Empire (old World) Ports, Giants ship (Maybe even a Black Ark), Tomb King Port city. There could also be some Skaven undercity or (Chaos) Dwarf Hold

(The spot in the middle of the sea is the Galleon’s Graveyard)


Missions would be disabling ships, kill Necromancer or figurehead (Officer) of the Dreadfleet, stealing loot of Temple before the Dreadfleet does, setting explosive traps, burning floating ship cities


2.1Character possibility (Extended)

Human Fighter (Light): [Swordfysh]

Warrior Priest of Manaan:
Active: Water Blast: Stagger cone and light Dmg

Warrior Priest of Myrmidia (F only): Light, fast fighter, nimble, Blessed skill
Active: Blazing Sun: AoE Dmg, holy light aspect

Estalian Diestro:
Active: Ultimos Floero: Dash with Dmg on it’s path

Sartosan Freeguild:
Active: Hidden pistol (Act as Bounty Hunter’s pistol)

Hireling Wizard: [Flaming Scimitar]

If Metal/Chamon:

Cannonier: Ranged Focused career
Active: Gehena’s Golden Gun (Turret Summon or big gun summon)

Metalurgist: Balanced fighter
Active: Final Transmutation (Freeze the closest enemies or deal big dmg)

Armoured: Melee focused
Active: Embodiment of Chamon (Transform into a golden statue that is heavier and hit harder, slower though)

If Shysch:

Death Bringer: Ranged Focused
Active: Soul Vortex (Slow projectile that dmg unit in the area)

Active: Embodiment of Shysch (Transform into the aspect of the Grim Reaper)

If Azyr:

Astrologist: Ranged focused
Active: Comet of Cassandora (AoE dmg, not a big zone but big dmg)

Stormclad: Melee Focused
Active: Embodiment of Azyr (Transform into a Storm clad fighter)

Dwarf Fighter: [Grimnir’s Thunder] Could actually be Hedda Bardinsdottir as she is in Barak Varr after leaving her birth Hold

Dwarf Artillerist : (Loreful career as we know she does have the diploma)
Active: Could be to close to VT2 OE but some type of gun, maybe a heavy naval gun

Stromwarden: Barak Varr’s Scouts/Rangers
Active: Stealth I suppose

Ironclad: The Ironclad are a type of ship first and foremost, but it’s armoured fighter are also named Ironclad (NOT CANON)
Active: Maybe a Satchel charge

Elf reaver: [Seadrake Crewmate]

Shadow Warrior: Light Ranged focuse
Active: Stealth and ranged buff

Lothern Seaguard: Balanced tanky
Active: Knock back, maybe similar to Bardins’s Ironbreaker

Black Ark Reaver: Melee focused nimble fighter
Active: Poison coated attack ?

Human Fighter (Heavy): [Heldenhammer Crewmate]
Basically a Kruber equivalent, I don’t know what career could be good

WP of Sigmar: Melee focused
Active: Holy Hammer Hit (Limited use special weapon, high dmg but slow)

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