How long should VT2 be supported (As main game/Alongside Darktide), and what should follow?

Fatshark has supported VT1 from 2015 to 2018, there after they made VT2

They have been supporting VT2 for 4 years already, initial statement from the Dev. was support from 5 to 10 years, but they have repeated multiple times that they don’t plan on dropping it just yet

So how long do you hope they keep at it:

  • End 2023 (5Y)
  • End 2024 (6Y)
  • End 2025 (7Y)
  • End 2026 (8Y)
  • End 2027 (9Y)
  • End 2028 (10Y)
  • End 2028+ (10Y+)

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And after they stop VT2, what do you hope for:

Up to 3 choices available
  • Vermintide 3 (With U5)
  • Vermintide 3 (Without U5)
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer 40k (All support to Darktide)
  • Warhammer 40k (Other than Darktide)
  • Fantasy game (Not Warhammer)
  • Sci-fi game (Not Warhammer)
  • Not a Tide Game
  • Other

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If they make VT3, what would you consider to be a good reason for it ? And if they don’t what would you like to see ?

Personal concepts:


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im personally more engrossed in the 40k universe, so assuming they continue working together with GW (and why shouldn’t they its a win win situation for both sides) i would automatically gravitate towards 40k titles as long as they are equally fun and deep.

with the added benefit that 40k is inherently more modular, not only is it easier to justify new factions and characters joining but even if a given planet is exhausted of design possibilities they easily could justify new planets
hiveworld + plague is perfect start for 40k but if that gets boring how about irradiated death-world? or the neighboring feral world engrossed in lush jungles? feudal worlds with backwater societies that see us as devine heralds?
the possibilities are endless with extremely easy justifications to go there
where as warhammer end times we always have to ask, why would our crew be here.
of course to have all sorts of tide games, sometimes from the eyes of the baddies would be insanely awesome, but for me 40k does offer the same but better

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I’m not sure that 40k is more liberal on that:

The IoM for example would hardly ever allow Xenos in their ranks.

While the Empire in Fantasy has plenty of Elf and Dwarf in their realm.

AoS has the Soul bind or what ever it’s called, meaning that even a Chaos Warrior, a Sigmarite, and an Elf, a Dwarf… working together.

Like one of the one I though about a long time ago would be set on the Dreadfleet game/Novel

So you’d have:

  • Dwarf Navy Engineer (Hedda Bardinsdottir)
  • High Elf Navy Mage or Mariner
  • Empire Fighter
  • Pirate Fighter (Could also be an Ogre)
  • Araby Mage or fighter


  • Vampire Count
  • Vampire Coast
  • Tomb King
  • Chaos Dwarf
  • (Undead) Skaven

With the map possibility ranging from the Old World Coasts, with Empire, Bretonnian, Dwarf, Elf ports, Pirate coves, to the Deep Jungle of Lustria, with the Vampire Coast’s Undead settlements, Lustrian Temples and Dark Elf outposts, passing from the Coast of the Southland, seeing the land of Araby, going inside the sand swept cities of the Tomb Kings or even going as far as Cathay (Though not as likely). There is way to make it very varied

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I’d like a WH Fantasy game that has character creation, but then the U5 as characters/bots.

Or just WH Fantasy and then a seperate piece of media with the U5 story. Story game or a 40 hour movie like Hideo Kojima’s games. lol

Cara, eu acredito que o vermintide tem muito oque explorar, e poderia ficar vivo por muito mais tempo. Jogos como diablo ros até hoje é jogado com atualizações ridículas, imagina o vermintide esse coloca-se novos conteúdos a cada 2 ou 1 mês. Teria muito mais players, eu mesmo parei de jogar varias vezes por causa da demora, especificamente a atualização do dachenfells. Não aguentei a demora. Se fosse 1 mês ou 2 seria muito legal.

Ok, I had to translate the spanish (Since I don’t speak it) I won’t respond in Spanish either, nor will I respond in French due to the Lingua Franca currently being english:

  • Diablo 3: RoS isn’t the same kind of game, one being a Top down with little difficulties in making stuff for (So each update is less hard to make than what the equivalent would be for Vermintide
  • Adding to that, Diablo is made by a vastly bigger company

it really surprised me that the preferred language of the official forum isn’t English or any for that matter.

i guess they figured it wouldn’t overflow anyway… so who cares if a topic is a different language
however answering in a different language in an ongoing convo is hella odd

I think they should copy the homework of Payday2 creators and make vt2 a permanent entry on that top 100 current played games on steam by making it f2p, they could still profit a lot on cosmetics and dlc.

Theres a lot of people who get turned off by how many warhammer games and books there are out there and thats why they might avoid vt2, in my opnion, a couple of months after darktide is out making vt2 f2p would increase playerbase as well get some people to try it for once and get hooked on the gameplay loop and that sweet fatshark quality standard then sell some darktides on the process.

I was never a warhammer guy, vermintide 2 is the entry point and i can guarantee that theres people like me out there, once they try it and like it they gonna be aboard whatever FS make next.


I would love to play the bad guys, for a change. Fantasy and Sci-fi alike.
We play the heroes in so many games…

saying the imperium is “playing the heroes”, well lets just say you’d be surprised

I still wanted to see the very large vermintide 2.
with a new line of careers, new enemies, new maps, new weapons, new mechanics and the fat shark to combine it all, leave the game free and sell the other content.

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What I want is more Warhammer Fantasy, I’m equally for or against 40k or Age of Sigmar.

What I would like however is essentially for us to get the character development from Darktide, meaning they can release new careers and content until the End Times comes here on Earth.

As awesome as the Ü5 are I figure that with they are a bit restricted in the lore. Like only one wind of magic, Ulric being entirely cut out of the loop, Kislevite characters not possible and so on and on.

I feel that I must disagree, even while I’m no scholar on 40k lore.

Anti-heroes are still heroes and most of the material I’ve read on the issue is that the Imperium is mankind’s best chance for survival in 40k and the main defense against Chaos, the Tyranids etc. that exists in 40k. No other faction can hope to muster the resources need to fight back with a chance of success against such foes as the forces of Chaos, the Tyranids, Necrons etc.

The Imperium is horrible in many ways and to a great degree. Yet most alternatives are at the best equally bad, and often worse.

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Most of the reason the IoM is at threat, is due to the Emperor

Like the IoM is the only hope of the Mankind only because they killed any other alternative

I want VT3 with Ubersreik 5, a continuation of their adventures, but in a much different location. To the south, in Badlands, or even lower - Land of the Dead (Egyptian theme). Mixed with some Worlds Edge Mountains.
Fighting greenskins and undead. Please no more Nurgle, but rats can still appear there.

I think that an alliance between Clans Fester (our friendly murderous Skaven Clan) and some new kind of ally to try some new harebrained scheme cooked up by Fester’s new boss could be cool.

And why not Greenskins? An “alliance” between Skaven and some Greenskins did occur in the old game “Shadow of the Horned Rat” so that angle has its precedent.

EDITED: If we’re still going with Ü5. But to me, Skaven are a must in a Vermintide game.

If there ever is a VT3, I think it should go all in on the End Times. Most of the End Times story sucks pretty bad, but you could create a great - if somewhat depressing - setting for VT3 by putting it in the final stages, in the death throes of the mortal world.

However, I think that Fatshark could easily milk VT2 for as long as their company exists, there is no real need or incentive to make VT3. Fatshark can keep adding new maps for many years to come, and there is room to add two new factions in the forms of the Undead and Greenskins, and they could also finally get around to fixing Beastmen. We also know that Versus mode is not completely dead, and may yet still come.

I don’t even want support in the sense of content. Just fix ALL THE THINGS YOU BROKE with each update and have the game in a fully working state.

VT2 was what finally got me to look into the world of Warhammer at all. Which got me to read some books and I’m glad I got to learn of the WHF. I also ended up trying a bunch if WH ganes and VT2 continues to be a go to.

They could end further content for VT2 after Sienna career and I wouldn’t mind. It would be a feature complete game with far more content then I could have expected on launch.

For the future, idk. Maybe a tide game as a squad of 4 space marines where you can engage with the bigger 40k threats?

Either way I hope they go back to preset characters. It was an interesting experiment and they implemented it well but I’d still rather have deep and refined characters over player created ones.

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