Unified Launcher for the 'tide' games

I’d like to suggest that Fatshark make a single launcher for Vermtinde 1,2 and Darktide.

Darktide is going to canabalize a large part of the V2 playerbase, just like V2 did to V1.

By making all three games available from a Darktide launcher, a bunch of 40K fans might just join Vermintide lobbies and keep them alive.

It might also be a way for you guys to sell more V1 and V2 DLCs if the player’s actually end up liking the classics and increase the market for future DLCs.

Wait so you wish to be able to enter QP for all 3 game at the same time ?

Like I enter qp as Kruber in Vt2 and I don’t find any game, can it also propose to me Vt1 as any character or Dt as any character?

That isn’t needed or even useful

No, the title says Unified Launcher. I think he’s referring to the launcher


Oh please not…those unified launchers are often a mess and whenever any of the games get updated the whole thing might collapse


I mean these.
I just want to have a tab across the top to select which game to play. No logins, or accounts, Just a unified frontend launcher.

If a new player who’s never tried Vermintide 1 or 2 jumps on board with Darktide, there’s a chance they might just check out the original games and decide they like them, Especially if they’re stuck playing the same 13 levels of Darktide if that’s what Fatshark launches with.

A huge number of new players will player through the campaign, experiment with different characters and move on to other games after 30 hours. Why not have one of those games be Vermintide?

I’m really just worried that vermintide 2 lobbys will start to disappear once Darktide comes out and the player base migrates.

Unrelated to your idea but I think that’s going to be inevitable

I mean, we’re coming up on the three-year anniversary in a couple months. Once the new thing is out, I don’t see a ton of people sticking with the old (especially if gameplay is pretty similiar)

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I’m pretty sure you meant 3 year anniversary in the summer?

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Yep, messed that up

Better idea.

V1 and V2 free when pre-purchasing Darktide. People who already own those games will just get free keys to give to friends.

What a nice welcome to give to the unsuspecting 40k fans :smiley:


I think it all comes down to content. I have run through all the current VT2 content, so look forward to Darktide. Once I have run out of things to do in DT, I’d happily come back to VT2 if the game play experience is different from DT and there is new VT2 content (maps, careers, enemies, weapons…). Ideally, I’d like to see 2 DLCs for each game per year so we get 4 drops annually (VT2 in winter and summer, DT in fall and spring). Given the current rate of content creation, I think this may be a pipe dream.

yeah no i dont liek unified launcher si liek my games to be separate entities from one another, Total War’s launcher for instance sucks