Any plans for a non-swarm RPG game?

I really like both V1 and V2 with the hectic battles and huge fights, but are there any plans to take the combat system and make a more traditional RPG game? Or MMO? I would personally really enjoy just running around a fantasy world with a little calmer pace using this fighting style (and having the awesome characters).

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I’ll second that. I’d enjoy that too actually. Would prefer a co-op situation option though.

I would throw my money at Kerillian based RPG. With good story and combat it would be delicious.
SP with co-op option, roaming WH world, dungeon crawling, leveling, getting sweet loot…


I want a Vermintide III open world game with a create a character screen that I can waste 4 hours developing every feature before I go on my mission to destroy the skaven.

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A Warhammer fantasy Skyrim-like RPG game would be the best.
With the Old World as the map.
I would throw my money at the dev to do it


Look forward to this sometime in your lifetime then.

Hellraid is a first-person hack’n’slash game, set in a dark fantasy universe based on medieval European folklore.

Thanks but I already played Hexen when I was a kid.
We want Fatshark to do their magic and create open world game in WH fantasy universe.
(I’d prefer Kerillian focused story but that would be just cherry on the top. :heart_eyes:

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It’s been on hold for over 4 years,it might never come out. Plus, “dynamic FPP combat with hack 'n’slash elements” sounds pretty much like Vermintide.

Anyway,I would never have been so in love with Vermintide if not for the gore. When I was playing VT1 I always wished for one thing- to kill actual humanoids/humans in this engine.

My prayers have been answered and there is nothing more satisfying than watching a madman charge at you with one arm cut off and then cutting his other one to cure your OCD. Or maybe cutting off legs off a guy jumping at you. Or maybe cutting three men in half with a 2h sword.or…or…anyway,there is nothing more satisfying.