Next Vermintide game idea

Warhammer: Vermintide 3: Rebuilding the Reikland

It will still be the beautiful hack n slash game we all love and enjoy but different. It will still be The End Times but set somewhat in the future.

The Ubersriek 5 heroes are getting older and can no longer tackle the large amount of enemies. They then decide to recruit whatever able-bodied men and women they can find (there aren’t many left).

I did want this to be an MMO but, realistically, that probably wouldn’t work so it’ll be a RPG instead.

-Character creation: create your own character with various feature options (please add William Wallace’s blueberry face paint)
-Choose your race: Human, Dwarf, or Elf
-Choose a subclass: Soldier, Hunter, Ranger, Wizard, or Rogue (Elf Wizard, uh, yes please!)
-Open world (one can dream, right?)
-Can still be co-op

Depending on the subclass you have chosen will determine which one of the original 5 heroes that will train you during the tutorial part of the game (sort of like the prologue in V2 but better). For example, if you chose Hunter, you will be trained by Saltzpyre.

So, the story goes that The End Times are getting worse, way worse than anyone expected. Most towns and cities lie in ruins. The original heroes have aged and can no longer fight the good fight. They set out to try to find their replacements in hopes they can salvage what they can within the ruins of The Reikland. This will be the final fight.

It would be really cool to be able to explore all of the province of The Reikland if the future game would be made as open world instead of exploring small tidbits of the broken cities.

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I’d play it. But to be fair, kerillian wouldn’t get old and be unable to fight. Elves are immortal, they technically can live forever. With some of the oldest being around 6-8,000 years old during the end times if I remember correctly. Also, does the end times even last long enough for our heros to get old? Don’t the skaven blow up the moon and destroy the planet pretty soon?

Either way, I’d love an open world RPG.

Ye I’m afraid there really is no time, given the fact that… there’s like what… one or two years at max before the end for the world. But Elves are not immortal unfortunately, or at least that’s how Asuryan made them (that’s why Isha’s symbol is the “All Seeing Eye shedding a single tear” - tear for her mortal children. I’d say that the average life-span is something around 1000-1500 years, with exceptions of course eg. Alith-Anar.

I really don’t know why there isn’t any Warhammer RPG, it could be such a great experience. Let’s hope Chaosbane won’t fail, I’m really looking forward to playing it with my friends.

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I think the next game would play back in time way before the end times or if were going to be lame just with different characters somewhere else during the end times.

Where did you get that info. I could of sworn elves are immortal, except of course dark elves. Which make themselves immortal with magic. Wood elves on the other hand are strange because time moves different in their forest. With hundreds of years passing in a few minutes in some instances. But yea, from what I can find with Google searches. Elves are immortal. Most die around the age of 1,000-2,000 with the wiki stating they afe expect to live until at least 2,500 years. But there are some who live much longer, up to 6k+. Here, from the wiki,

“Most often an Elf will not die of old age in the human sense, rather he or she will simply grow weary of the world’s troubles and lose passion for life, eventually passing away.”

But then again, their life spans are nothing compared to the Slanne. Who live 10k+ years. And isn’t there a lizardman who remembers the Old Ones (gods), when they first arrived on their world.

Yeah, and Dawi are not really short lived either. If they have a strong purpose to go on (grudges anyone), they will, as long as its necessary.

Page 59 of my 8th edition High Elf army-book: “The symbol of Isha is the All Seeing Eye, shedding a single tear for her mortal children, the Elves. At the dawn of time Asuryan decided that while the Elves would be prodigiously long-lived, they would still grow weary of the world and die. Isha, who loved her children the Elves above all her creations, despaired and cried in anguish, her tears falling like rain onto the mortal world below, providing the waters of life that transformed Ulthuan into such a rich and beautiful land.”

Now we can take a look at the reign-length of some of the Phoenix Kings (those that died a natural death at least) like Caradryel (604 years) or Bel-Korhadris (1190 years) now we can really guess how old they were at the beginning of their reign, but let’s guess 500-700 years. I think in "Master of Dragons by Chris Wraight, Caradryel was among the “relatively young generation” so assume 500-600 years this would give us 1200 years.

Edit: Now… how old is Alith-Anar. I think he was around during the reign of Bel-Shanaar (1670+552+600+604+306+1190+623+383+661+357) so 6946+something years (from the reign of Bel-Shanaar to Finubar). Now… we can really guess if there was anything else than “plot-armour(life)” going on that caused him to live this long.

Edit: sorry I keep correcting all the typos I made while transcribing from the book xD ignore that

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Ah ok, so like the wiki says. They technically die of “natural” causes by getting bored of life lol. Either way, I’d don’t think Kerillian is 2,000+ years. So my orignal point still stands, the chances of her getting too old to fight anymore isn’t feasible. She could lose a limb or something XD then she could become the lumberfoot

I hope FS makes a dlc of the final battle at Middenheim. The real last stand… that would be epic.


I hope we can beat it [non cannon] in an even more insane hidden lvl.
Beating the end time is what everybody wants.

“… I dreamt of darkness… I dreamt of Age of Sigmar”

V3 should be similar to V2

+a third enemy faction (Skave, chaos and Undead)

+Some new skills for each career

+New maps and weapons

+Story takes place few months after V2 end

simple, epic

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