Vermintide 2 future: a couple of suggestion

Before all sorry for my english isn’t my native language.

In future v2 will need some adds. I don’t know what be implemented but i could suggest some things

  • new classes: warhammer lore is really huge and after a serious balance of actual classes maybe could be possible increase number of them with, for i.e., a Sigmar Warrior Priest or an Eternal Guard or an Engineer.

-new characters: warhammer offer some others features and maybe we could see also bretonnian characters. 1st and 2nd vermintide are in reikland at borders with Bretonnia so see a bretonnian squire/paladin or a enchantress isn’t a wrong concept. High elves are too far from local problems to see in them a menace and kislev/tilea/estalia could be too near Kruber char to be really interesting but Bretonnia offer a real new skill world.

-of course new maps and skills/talents. We need more diversity and more skill to increase game strategies.

What think you all about my ideas?

I’d be happy with just themed re-skins of existing classes, w. new voice acting which would be great (though I know not likely).

A Bretoniann Hunter/Archer or a High Elf Wizard using Arcane Blasts instead of Sienna’s Fire. A Tilean Kruger with an Italian Accent.

Also why are the characters all using British Isles accents, when the Empire is Germanic.

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