Suggestion for finishing up the story

Hello everyone!
I would like to suggest an idea on how to wrap up the story of the Ubersreik 5.

They should be given an epic final Last Stand.
It’s all just about killing an endless amount of hordes ever-increasing in size and strength. You’re destined to fail, it’s the End Times. All the characters are finding their final rest and, in a way, absolution from all their “personal sins or regrets”. They know it’s not going to help, no matter how many they kill, but none of them would even remotely accept going down without killing at least one hundred dozens more rats. Give it some arcade ranking system, so it has replayability, but it should mainly be given nice interactions between the characters. Some more insights into their personal thoughts and all that. Potentially a short lead-up campaign to the Last Stand mission?

This could weave in well into seeing a “Vermintide-esque” game from another cast of characters. But this is a suggestion to be detailed for another day!

I imagine them to all be, mostly, accepting of the fact, that it’s going to be their end, and probably the end of the world as well. There will probably be enough remorse about “failing to save the world”, but it can’t be helped no more. I think you get what I want to say.

Thank you for reading, and maybe considering my idea :slight_smile:

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So, some sort of endless mode final stand? even though thats a nice idea i would prefer a progressive campaign map instead with an actual decent tie up to them at the end.

I woudn’t want to see them dead but i would forgive fatshotta if they make severe changes to their status, not only from living to dead but from hero to villain as well operational to background, sienna dropped a lot of interest into burning the world and she has had her share of villaineous acts, the elf is one buff away from going mad specially taking into account horrible elven gods who are devoid of morals and could encourage her, and with both scenarios happening saltzpyre will get to be the first in line for an educated political debate with the possibility of physical altercations.

Hopefully that would mean vermintide 3 could have completely different characters like a different spellcaster, a different group dinamic, a different hierarchy among them, you know changes to prevent the series from becoming the simpsons of the gaming world (storywise that is).
Would also be ok to be the same guys on vt3 just as long as the story goes somewhere.