Tide game but we play as Chaos follower + LM roster

Set during one of the great campaign of an Everchosen (Either the last, Archeon or a previous one to get more inspiration from the nez Old World thingy) or even maybe in AoS (Still would prefer the old world)

Campaign Scenario A (Shield of Civilization)
Either through mishaps or by being sent on a quest 5 Exalted Heroes of Chaos are made to work together for the Everchosen, sent deep inside the Empire, the Karaz Ankor and Athel Loren, those warrior of unmatched prowess are to face hordes of enemies in their various quests

Enemy faction: Empire; Dwarf; Bretonnia; High Elf; Wood Elf, possibly Dark Elf

Campaign Scenario B (Lizardmen+)
Either through mishaps or by being sent on a quest 5 Exalted Heroes of Chaos are made to work together for the Everchosen deep in the

Exalted Hero:

Missing 5th character idea, but ideally I’d see a Chaos Undivided, maybe a Beastfiend or a Dark Emissary


Brass Sister:

In the wake of Chaos, the women who survived have to band together to survive, showing rag against any possible enemy to survive, some do, and are even quite successful under the employ of Khorne

Mostly melee but has a few ranged weapon too (Gameplay wise: Closer to Bardin or Kruber)

  • Axe
  • Axe & Shield
  • Twin Axe
  • Great Axe
  • /Halberd/
  • Hammer
  • Hammer & Shield
  • Axe & Hammer
  • /Great Hammer/
  • /Spear/
  • /Spear & Shield/

Ranged (Modified):

  • Throwing Axe
  • Javelin
  • Chain Hammer/Wrathmonger
  • Chain Anvil/ Skullgrinder

Khorne has very few ranged focused units, that’s why his ranged slot can also be used for melee weapons


Cabalite of Tzeentch:

Cabalite of Tzeentch, cultist who are part of Egrimm Van Horstman chief cabal, need someone dead, they got your guy, need some heresy they do to

Versatile/Ranged (Gameplay wise: Closer to Saltz and Sienna, but also to DT’s Psyker, having a deeper link to magic, so that even melee weapon have abilities)

  • Sword
  • Greatsword
  • Glaive
  • Glaive & Shield
  • Sword & Dagger


  • Staff/Spell from Lore of Tzeentch, and possibly multiple
  • Skyfire Bow (Tzaangor)


Putrid Blightkings:

The Putrid Blightkings, also known as the Exalted Champions of Nurgle, are not one particular tribe or group, but rather a loose brotherhood that spans the northernmost regions of the world. Each of their number has been touched by Nurgle via his earthly emissaries – specifically, the daemonflies that have hatched from within the Chaos champion Bloab Rotspawned ever since the Lord of Decay claimed the sorcerer as a host for his tiny servants

(Gameplay wise: Closer to Kruber and Sienna)


  • Axe
  • Axe & Shield
  • Scythe
  • Great Axe
  • /Sword/
  • /Sword & Shield/


  • Staff/Spell from Lore of Nurgle, Death and possibly (Multiple)


Druchii Anointed:

The Druchii Anointed are a group of renegade Dark Elves that continued to worship Slaanesh openly after the Sundering. Unclear on gender.
Versatile (Gameplay wise: Closer to Kerillian or Saltzpyre)

  • Sword
  • Dual Sword
  • Spear & Shield
  • Sword & Flail
  • Sword & Whip (Special attack)
  • Sword & Shield
  • Glaive


  • Blissbarb Bow (Poison arrow)
  • Nocious Whip
  • Bladed Whip
  • Bladed Bow (Melee attack on bow)
  • Staff/Spell from lore of Slaanesh and Shadow (Multiple)

Campaign A Enemy roster: (Non Exhaustive list)
Roster composed of Empire; Dwarf; High Elf; Wood Elf; Kislev; Bretonnia…
Alliance of the Order factions, work best during the End Time:

Roster A


  • Treemen
  • Rune Golem/Steam Golem

Hero: (To complete the Monster which might be found lacking)

  • Dwarf Thane
  • Dwarf Dragon Slayer
  • Dwarf Runesmith (Moved to special ?)
  • Dwarf Engineer (Moved to special ?)
  • Empire Captain
  • WP of Sigmar
  • Witch Hunter
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Branch wraith
  • Waystalker (Moved to special ?)
  • Wizard (to many to give them all)

Campaign B Enemy roster: (Non Exhaustive list)
Roster comprised of Lizardmen and possibly Amazons

Roster B


  • Carnausor
  • Troglodon
  • Bastilodon
  • Stegadon

Hero: (To complete the Monster which might be found lacking)

  • Saurus Old One
  • Skink Chief
  • Skink Priest (Moved to special ?)
  • Serpent Priestess (Amazons)
  • Eagle Warrior (Amazons)
  • Piranha Warrior (Amazons Ranged)
  • Kroxigor Ancient
  • Sacred Kroxigor
  • Eternity Warden

And a little polls for the Undivided Character:

5th character
  • Warrior of Chaos Undivided
  • Sorcerer of Chaos Undivided
  • Skaven
  • Dark Emissary (Bel’akor)
  • Norscan
  • Chaos Ogre
  • Beastmen
  • Beastfiend
  • Other

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As someone who collected a Fantasy Chaos army many years ago this would be a blast to play!

I voted Beastfiend because its the more different alternative to the others.

EDITED: And I love that you included the Druchii Annointed. That’s something which seems to have fallen by the wayside as they are not, to my knowledge, included in the Warhammer Total War games despite the sheer coolness of that concept. They should totally be a Lord choice for the Cult of Slaanesh.

Now that I realise, I should also have put a Chaos Dwarf as option

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Enemy Overview:

Normal Units:

Skink Warrior: Hordes (Think Clan Rats/Ungor)


  • Hand Weapon: Mace, 1h Macuahuitl, Copper Dagger
  • Hand Weapon & Shield
  • Spear

Red Crested Skink: Hordes (Think Marauder/Gor)

  • Great Weapon (Hammer; Axe)
  • Hand Weapon & Shield

Skink Skirmisher: Horde; Ranged /Think Ungor Archer)

  • Bow
  • (Poison Bow)


  • Javelin, Javelin & Shield
  • Blowpipe
  • (Poisoned Blowpipe)

Saurus Warrior: Elite (Think Gor/Mauler)

  • Hand Weapon: Mace, 1h Macuahuitl, Sword
  • Hand Weapon & Shield
  • Spear
  • Spear & Shield

Temple Guard: Uber Elite (Think Chaos Warrior)

  • Hand Weapon & Shield: 1h Macuahuitl
  • Halberd
  • Great Weapon (Glaive like weapon)
  • May have magic weapon

Kroxigor: Uber Elite (Think Chaos Warrior/Bestigor)

Less armoured than the Temple Guard but with bigger/heavier great weapon

Sacred: Uber Elite/Savage (Think Bestigor

Even less armoured than the regular Kroxigor, but charge like a Bestigor and pummel like a Savage or a Plague Monk


Chameleon Skink: Sneak ranged unit, spawn as small group (3-6 depending to luck/difficulty)

Always has poison blowpipe, act as discrete Skaven Globadier (Gas cloud) where it’s a dart instead of the ball

Chameleon Stalker: Hard hitting Chameleon Skink, spawn singularly

(Oxyotl, first of the Chameleon Skink or something, couldn’t find any art of the Stalker since they are a champion unit)
Has limited ammo (1 or 2) who are explosive darts, which he use to stagger before charging into the fray

Depending on how Darktide’s dog work:

Salamander: Flamer Special, spawn singularly

Act quite similar to the Skaven Warpfire thrower, spawn singularly

Razordon: Gunner Special, spawn singularly
Act quite similar to the Skaven Ratling Gunner, shorter salvo but quicker on the aiming and movement

Skink Priest: Multiple ones, spawn singularly

Available with the Lore of Aqshy/Fire, Hysh/Light, Ghur/Beast, Shyish/Death, Ulgu/Shadow, Chamon/Metal, Azyr/Heaven
Basically they can go wild on them.


(5th spawning) Slaan Mage Priest: Caster Lord, has access to a personal shield which regenerate and access to the Lore of Qhaysh (High Magic) or any of the other Lore, doesn’t attack physicly, being placed on a floating seat.

Saurus Old Blood or Saurus Eternity Guardian: The most ancient of the Warrior of the LM

  • Hand Weapon with additional weapon
  • Hand Weapon & Shield
  • Halberd
  • May have magic item/weapon


Troglodon (And weak point Oracle): Saurian monster with poison spit attack (Like the Stormfiend)

Juvenile/Young Stegadon: Like a normal Triceratops, can charge and hit with his head

Stegadon with Giant Blowpipes or bow: Slower Stegadon but has multiple Skink on his howdah which heavy magic Blowpipes or Bows (Redundant)

Stegadon with Engine of the Gods: Slowest Stegadon, has an Engine of the Gods on his back that can call down pillars of light on the enemies position

Bastilodon with Solar Engine: Slow monster with ranged artillery, throw blast of stored sun power

Carnausor: Most aggressive yet not as brittle as the Troglodon, act as simple but effective bruiser monster


To note, there is also the possibility to include Amazonian in the mix, as they sometime are allied (Other time enemies)

This will leave us with (Without counting weapon variant):
7 Map enemies
5+ Specials
2 Lords
5 Monsters

Well, first off I want to say that I am impressed by the sheer effort you put into your posts and also the endurance at which you keep making them.

That said, I have two “meta-questions” concerning the topic:

  1. Where does the motivation come from to play as the “evil” one? Games like Tyranny, GTA or that Vampire game whose name I can’t remember did never create any interest in me. Not saying that I prefer playing heroes but it is at least a setting which does not make me disinterested in a game.

  2. Is there any reference for something like this in WHF? Because in most fantasy settings (medieval and sci-fi both) it is usually the case that “evil” is the numerous faction and building on quantity over quality. Aliens, Zerg, the Starship Troopers insects, Skaven, etc., everytime they win or try to win by sheer mass and it is usually a smaller group of good-aligned folks surviving against the odds while being heavily outnumbered. Is there a case known of Chaos Heroes being outnumbered by forces or order and winning. Is there even a single battle where this has been the starting set-up? I mean that said, in a sense for trope breaking it would be interesting to base something on such a scenario. But most races relying on numbers are usually build up like that from lore, often by replicating quite fast. Humans, Dwarves and Elves are simply not available in these quantities. Not sure on Lizardmen lore which is basis for your post.

I can’t really say for sure, I suppose it depend for everyone but personally:

  • I like Chaos dudes (From Fantasy, not so much in 40k)
  • I like flawed characters
    But at the same time, there are acts that I just can’t do, like I’m going to drop the game if it tries to make me do them

And most of the time I also prefer playing the Heroes (Like VT1/2) and I’ve also made a few ideas where the player character were heroes (Dreadtide: Grand Alliance against Dreadfleet; Bostontide: Dresden Files Alliance against the Fomor)

The LM’s are quite a numerous race, not as much as the Skaven but certainly as much as a Chaos Warrior (If you count Skinks) and their number have only decreased with time. And as far as it goes for the Small Evil Group winning against major Good horde, I don’t think there has been anything like that, but there has been with with Evil vs. Evil when different gods are battling each others
While the ET might have had something of the sort though. Not sure about that one. And it’s hardly lore breaking, at least not more than it would be for the U5 to kill the amount of Skaven and Rotblood

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