Could the Tide Formula work in other setting/theme?

The great difference between a game like Left4Dead (And the like: L4D2, D4B, CoD Zombie mode…) and tide game for me is the focus on the melee and short ranged combat (favouring being as close as possible to the enemy)


  • Possibility of having both melee and ranged weapons
  • Enemy roster with tiered units
  • Special enemies (Lord, Monster, Elite and Specials)
  • Varied places
  • Varied Character potential
  • Low Fantasy (minimum)


Warhammer Fantasy (And AoS):

  • Dreadfleet: Vampire Coast Alliance (VCount, Ghost Pirate, Tomb King, Undead Skaven and Chaos Dwarfs) vs Grand Alliance (Empire/Sartosa, Manaan/Sartosa, Dwarf/Barak Varr, Elf/High Elf Navy, Sartosa/Araby)
  • Greenskin/Destruction: Greenskin (Goblin, Orks, Troll and possibly Ogre) vs Order aligned faction (Dwarf, Human, Elf baring DE, LM)
  • Undeath: Undead horde against the livings
  • Chaos: In part contained in VT2

Warhammer 40k:

  • Tyranid: A game featuring any faction baring Chaos, so Empire and Xenos Alliance against a Tyranid incursion

Other Modern:

  • Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green: Normal Humans against Elder Gods follower and other cryptic beings
  • Dresden Files: Battle ground Spoiler Chicago Alliance against the Fomor
  • Weird War 2: Set in a parallel WW2 setting where most (if not all) of the Nazi experiment worked/succeeded (So Zombies, Vampire, Werewolf, Augmented beings…)
  • SCP: Working as either SCP agents or as Chaos Insurgency fighting to contain/liberate Anomalies
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