As excited as I am for Darktide

…and I’m really effing excited…

I hope there’s a Vermintide 3. I’ve grown way too attached to the Ubersreik 5…or 4… it doesn’t matter

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As much as I like the U5, I don’t see them being the cast of another game, at least not in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe. Maybe in AoS where there are new possibilities it would work

If they make a new game in WFantasy I would prefer if they took a whole new cast (And new Wind of Magic) against a new group, Greenskin, Undead (Dreadfleet or VCount)…

As much as I like pipe dreams, I’d really prefer FS to implement core fixes and QoL changes that are being suggested for years already into the game that I’ve actually bought under the guise of it being in a release state before they cast it aside to suffocate while they draw the already weak playerbase to other projects.

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I agree, but i woudn’t mind if they add a new member or replace another one for (reasons).
The story has to go somewhere, changes must happen even if it breaks your heart, can’t do like american tv shows where they keep characters eternally stuck on the same age and state that harms the believability of a story even if its supposed to be fantasy.

All i want is the quality of writing to stay the same (or improve somehow), more enemy variety, more alternative paths per map, new behavior to old enemies, and basically if possible get the same difference in quality and improvements that v2 got from v1.

Though that might be the case for dark tide, what if that game is vermintide 2 but better… only time will tell.

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