New elf class feedback

Very good, A+
you can range from support to straight out dps.
The spear and staff are also very good, still think the staff shots could use some poison damage, but thats not a complaint, i like it a lot so far.
Hopefully we get more staves in the future, perhaps one that casts lightning? cmon guys pls.
great job so far though

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…You sir must have missed the build that marks her as one of the strongest in the game x)

Key parts are : Radiant, Doomsight, bloodrazor.

With radiant active and a melee that does at least decently with armor she tears through hordes like paper and if she uses javelin as her secondary she tears through bosses like that too.

It´s an easy S+++

That said, we are not likely to see a lightning staff from sienna or keri given the former does only fire magic while keri does only life magic.

The winds of Aqshy and Ghyran respectively.

Lightning if i am not mistaken, belongs to the winds of azyr.


oh, i had no idea.
i don’t know anything warhammer lore related, all i have are gameplay focused ideas.
still, it would be very cool.

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