Ice Witch/Maiden Hero

If we are to get a new Hero, I would like to see an Ice Witch or Ice Maiden added to the game.

-We need another female Hero (Girl Power!)
-A new Hero with a unique active ability, frost themed talents, and super cool outfits :wink:
-Would still be lore friendly (sort of??)
-Be something new and interesting and break up the monotony currently existing in the game
-Sienna’s polar opposite (see what I did there :wink: )

I couldn’t find any thing that suggests that there were Ice Witches or Ice Maidens in the end times except for a high elf named Lileath. I know very little of actual Warhammer fantasy but I do find it fascinating. There’s just so much information out there to sort through. I couldn’t find out much but in one of the wiki pages it mentions an elf wizard. That would neat.

An Elf frost wizard. Oh, the possibilities :smile:


Ice Witch

Ice Maiden

Ice Magic


  • I totally agree with having a new female Hero (we have 3 mens and 2 womens).
  • I think that switching Sienna to a new element doesn’t really make a hero unique, it still beams and balls of elemental magic. So I disagree with Ice being interesting enough. Rather see the others types of magic (Metal, Beasts, etc) that doesn’t use the same type of attacks at all.
  • It would be lore friendly.
  • I do like seeing Kislev though.
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In the Empire, ice-magic is traditionally folded in with Azyr/the Celestial Order, also called Astromancers. Basically anything that comes out of the sky; wind, lightning, hail and such.

Ice Witches from Kislev were accepted within the Empire, despite being called “witches”, because they were considered Kislevian Clergy rather than magic users (even though they totally used magic!).


Would be nice to get a icy char that could maby aoe slow enemys and or freeze them complet for a second or two with his/her ult sounds interresting .

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I like the idea of slowing abilities, but I’m not sure if that’s necessarily opposite of Sienna’s functionality; Sienna has a ton of CC for crowds already. Moreover, I’m not sure if it would break the monotony. It’s just like you said: it’s a Sienna with ice instead of fire.

Male or female doesn’t particularly matter; any new hero would be welcome. An Ice-Mage would be awesome, for sure, but I’d consider Bettonian Knights/Imperial Warrior Priest/Skink Mage/Ogre (that’s for you, Rhinark)/Saurus/Vampire would all be equally exciting additions.

All IMO, that is. I’d recommend taking a look at @Froh’s ideas for a Metal Mage, too; might not be the same color-set you would want for cosmetic reasons, but I feel like it might provide the visceral “umf” during combat that so many players love about Vermintide. I’ll dig for it.

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