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I scanned the forums to see if there was any recent threads open on this topic and could not find anything, and could not, so I apologize if this topic is beating is simply beating a dead horse or the 5th thread on this topic you’ve seen this week.

So the Endtimes in lore featured pretty much every race and faction throwing in with Chaos to bring about the End Times or making some form of stand independently or jointly against Chaos Undivided and its allies. Several of these races were active not only in the empire, but in various incidents in the Reikland during the End Times, and I think two in particular potential candidates for joining the Ubersreik 5 with their own unique personality and play styles would be very would be a goblin or a vampiress.

In the event of a goblin, his three archetypes could be BIg Boss, Night Goblin, and Night Shaman. As a Goblin Big Boss, he could fill the role of a tank and use a spear and shield as his signature weapon, with a few other basic martial weapons, focused on being evasive and being able to absorb some damage. As a Night Goblin, he could be high DPS with high ranged damage and poison damage capacity (and I’d love to see his ult be whipping out a giant ball and chain and spinning around with it). As a Night Shaman, he could be a caster that brings the lore of the Lil Waaagh, using magic that screws enemies up, can conjure bouncing heads, and all that fun stuff. The Greenskins fought actively against Chaos and the Skaven during the End Times, and goblins in particular had the potential to be smart enough to realize that their best hope was fighting along side the pink-skins. Furthermore, it’d be a race rarely in the spot light.

On the other hand, the Vampire Counts became polarized during the End Times and due to the machinations of Chaos, were able to easily leave Slyvania. I picture a Vampiress character’s three archetypes being Vampiress, Blood Knight, and Necromancer. As her default class, she could be have several different one handed melee weapons and then her ranged weapon be pseudo-magic, such as draining life from enemies, with an ult revolving around an idea of beguilement; being able to charm the enemies and make hordes fight one another. The Blood Knight would be a traditional tank, and be her only class with access to shielded weapons, and being able to sustain in melee easily. Necromancer would be a caster archetype, sending out waves of vampire magic, maybe even inspiring fear, and then having a ult involving raising the dead/a summon of some sort.

This is just something I’ve thought about for a while, being mildly interested in the lore and enjoying the game, and would love to see something along those lines, or just a new character from somewhere else in the world, eventually added.


She’s already mentioned in game dialog. And she was the heroine of the empire, saved the emperors life, and the only vampire allowed to live in the Empire. She knows very basic magic from Cathy, AKA China, lol. But these are limited to magical charms. She worked as a spy and assassin as well. She also would of been in this area during the end times, as she would have to travel through the Riekland to get to her homeland of Bretonnia.

Okay, I’ll be a bit of a party-pooper. We are very unlikely to get a completely new character, for various reasons. There’s all the costs of designing everything, the costs of voice-acting (including new lines for everyone else too), the troubles of figuring out and balancing three Careers right away. Also, there is an established dynamic between the existing characters, and a new character would break that somewhat. And of course there’s the trouble of introducing one.

New Careers for our existing heroes are a bit more plausible option, as their weapons and animations already exist, voicelines would be (mostly, at least) limited to their Career Skill activation lines and there’s only one Career at a time to be figured out and balanced. Also the integration reasons aren’t relevant this time. That said, they’re still a long way down the line if they come. The work amount is still large, and the current Careers (and weapons) need to be in a much more balanced state before any new should be added. I suspect another DLC and new maps (and cosmetics) for it would be a bigger priority for now, especially as the players were quite disappointed with the Bögenhafen cosmetics.

Of course, speculation can always be done, but Feedback is not exactly the correct place for that. I’m not saying this should be moved, as wishes for new stuff are genuine feedback. But for speculation side, you may have missed this. It’s not exactly the same, but the difficulty of figuring out new roles for characters illustrates also the troubles of bringing in new characters or Careers, as I think the new ones should really have some actual point to them and not just be tacked there because it’s cool.


Wasted a lot of your time, OP. I can sympathize. @Yzneftamz is right, honestly. I’ll be shocked beyond belief if we get as much as a single new career in the years to come.

Even with the bottom tier standard for voicelines, you really can’t expect Shatshart to make new weapons, or new mechanics, or new talent trees. They hardly managed to create these. No, really, the current hero/career system is already kind of an underwhelming trash pile that they’re yet to sort out.

A hero that has weapons that are unique to them, too? They’d be stuck on that for a year, and hardly anyone would remunerate them for it.

It’s just not happening. If you really are excited for this prospect… then give up on your dreams, because they’re going nowhere.

It seems to be a very common view that Fatshark will never make new characters; I think it’s likely, but I don’t rule it out, because new characters would get a lot of attention to draw players back, more than maps or weapons - and with the mod tools that will be released at some point, a dev told me specifically that creating new characters were not out of the question.

The voice-acting is always the ‘big’ point, though considering they already bring the VAs back in for every map DLC, it seems an odd argument. Don’t get me wrong; it’d still be a big undertaking for them, but it’s not as far out there, difficulty-wise, as we might think. That, and a lot of people really seem to overestimate how poor balance is right now. Very few weapons right now are in a really bad state - and half of those need very minor tweaks to be made quite viable (like 1-handed Kerillian Sword and Flail; just speed them up slightly, and they’re immediately viable). The daggers could probably stand to be nerfed down a bit on cleave, dual axes the same. Just fixing phantom swings would be all that is needed to make them balanced well, I think. I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot of weapon balancing in the coming patch - ALREADY we’re in a much better balancing state than the first game.

I do mostly agree that the balance (at least for weapons) isn’t as bad as many people make it to be, but it’s still off and should be enhanced. For Talents (and some base abilities), it’s still pretty much all over the place (with there being a lot of no-choice tiers), and a few still don’t work correctly. There’s still a lot of work to be done before I think new characters or careers should be seriously considered, let alone worked on. Well, of course, working on them will begin a long time before we hear anything, and might already have started, who knows.

There’s the question of price. Voice actors, I suspect especially ones of the quality we’ve heard here, aren’t cheap. Even if there are new lines for the characters in each DLC, they may well be (and likely have been) recorded a long time ago, even in the original sessions for the game as plans for the first DLC (and likely one or two more) have existed since about the start of production. Bringing in a new complete character would need a lot of new lines from the old actors in addition to a completely new one (and the new one needs to be designed at least roughly before the old ones can record their lines), and would really need for them to be hired for more sessions. So I don’t think that’s such and odd argument to make.

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These aren’t even a little likely. they’re bad OP, and you should feel bad. but you won’t.

Can I have a Halfling cook who runs around clanging things in the face with a frying pan please?

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