Future character's

lore friendly would definitely be the way to go for sure.

I know absolutely nothing about the lore, im just here for the gameplay.
I remember a dev asking our group if we would enjoy playing as some kind of creature. I think it was dog-sized.
Just saying FS has a lot of ideas and perhaps would like to implement them, but they are probably very scared of ruining what brought success to this game.

“I do not know but I will say” Thats why yours dreamings never come true. Read, learn something about warhammer and then speak.
BTW. FS also a big Warhammer fans, so what do you think, they do something lore breaking?
Maybe words about palyng a dog sized crature was a joke?

Actually I would only agree with this idea if the setting is fitting. Lorewise these guys a hanging mostly around in Lustria or Southlands. If the game takes place there… then it would be kind of cool. But since the game is mostly about the old world and skaven and chaos, well I think this guy won’t fit in this setting perfectly.

This also count towards other races. Dark elves or undead , or orcs won’t care about the fate of the empire. The high elves, beside Teclis, won’t care about the humans aswell, but since the herioes using the Bridge of shadow which seem to be high elven tech, this might close a gap :), to get something more exotic in the game.

Sorry for the rude responses. Lore purists can get very grumpy when people suggests something that doesn’t seem to fit in lore. A Kislevian Ice Witch would be really interesting - I’m very much hoping that when we get the ability to mod, adding new playable characters will be possible.

It would be awesome if the devs did add another character, and I’d love to see something unusual like a Skink or Goblin, but I think it’s more likely we’d get something more like a Bretonnian of some sort.

It’s kind of a big investment for the devs, because they have to bring in most of the voice actors to give thme unique dialogue with the new character, along with hiring a new VA for that character.

But they do bring in the VAs anyway when they do a DLC, since they record new lines, so I wouldn’t say it’s impossible.

I think a Skink would be a LOT of fun, and while it would be rather push the lore to the limits, could be justified (I mean, if a Slann said for it to go to the Old World, it would go). However, I’m not really sure how the others would react to it? I can imagine that Victor would assume it’s some kind of heretical monster, and Kruber would probably think it a type of exotic Beastman. Bardin, Kerillian, and Sienna would have some idea of what it was, I’m sure.

There are traveling and proxy interest characters that could be used (as stated for lizardmen the example would be Nakai and Oxyotl due to them only being bound to the Great Plan in the loosest of ways/wandering Mallus and stalking through the warp respectively; bret/vamp count could use one of the numerous knights turned blood knights, maybe even god damn Abhorash for IIRC he did end up in Bretonnia during ET and possible case of the 5 going there due to Kerri mentioning the vampirism situation and V2 happening just north of Axe Bite Pass, etc). Hell there could even be a “chaos”/norsca character in the form of the not dead Valkias daughter who was just dropped from the lore/forgotten by writers (unless i missed a book or single passage in a wall-o-exposition dump).

What exactly are you special snowflake tryin to say? A fatshark dev asked ME if I would like to play as a creature and not vice versa (we were talking about careers before V2 was announced).
As i stated, FS had already a lot of ideas for future characters, thats all im saying^^

@danciccoalex … and of course you’re sure it was not a joke, snowflake?

Rly captain obviousness?

Uhm yes it was not a joke. We had a conversation about the gameplay and not lore, especially how “pet” classes would find a way into the game. Im sry but I still dont get your point or what youre trying to tell me lil snowflake?

Simple, you’re talking nonsense. You confessed that u don’t know ABSOLUTELY nothing about Warhammer lore and you are spinning some fairy tales.
It was not a joke? Ok, prove it. Give me a source of that revelatons.
Maybe you don’t see that, but gampelay is very closely related to Warhammer lore. Otherwise it would not be a Warhammer, just a common fantasy game that many.

Ah now i get your point^^ aight good day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You too

just gonna state this…

for a male elf hero tree
1st subclass is Lothern Sea Guard: meant to be an all-rounder
2nd subclass is White Lion of Chrace: meant to be a damage dealer
3rd subclass is Loremaster of Hoeth: meant to be a special sub class like the slayer but with more versatility

and yes…the names and my knowledge is from Total War: Warhammer 2 fight me


Why? TW:W is based on a Warhammer Battle, so u have right.
About elf hero. White Lion, Swordmaster of Hoeth is a very good next careers for Kerillian :wink:

just stating that as for formal lore knowledge, i have none. haven’t gone to any wiki’s to know the history and what not so if TW WH isn’t fully lorefriendly and I said something that wasn’t lorefriendly then my excuse was I’m not educated in the lore of the land

The difference is that you are looking for this knowledge and are interested in it. You do not write nonsense about heroes of the orcs, goblins, etc. Some more and someone will ask for a dragon as playable character :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: enjoy … Had nearly the same ideas… used sword master rather than the White lion, but well … had nearly the same as you and I am not battling about names. Loremaster are in my opinion a bit more magic oriented , thats why he is more intended to be a magican

Would really like to hear, what you think about the idea, more gameplay orientation rather than Lore.

The difference is that you are looking for this knowledge and are interested in it. You do not write nonsense about heroes of the orcs, goblins, etc. Some more and someone will ask for a dragon as playable character :stuck_out_tongue:

A good character assembles a good tradeoff between lore and gameplay. I think you won’t play as a rock if this would be the best tank character in a game so far, neither you would play that one guy which has a big role in the warhammer world but is next to unable to swing a sword.

i did think about putting that in but i have some knowledge about fantasy warhammer(more so 40k) so while i was reading about it I couldnt find or maybe i just missed some of the things that would be careers for a skink i did see the chameleon though. I was just trying to think of a character that would be a bit more interesting than another human character. Then I tried to make it as lore friendly as possible.

I do own warhammer total war 2 and i do really like the character tree. I only went for a ice and lightning mage because it makes the most sense for the tree of magic users in almost all mmo’s or fantasy based games.

I do want lore friendly but i think bending it could turn out to be really cool not breaking or destroying. Like i said it would be cool if they did have a lizardman or another character different than what we’ve got it would add some flair like you said victor would out right freak out kruber along with him.

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