Character Restrictions

Hei Guys,

Firstly…What about enable that everyone from the team could play as a dwarf, human or elve…Would be great fun to fight in a team all being dwarfs for example!
Or even add a engineer class, like in the old age of reckoning who can emplace a turret or stuff. That would be great fun I imagine ! We also need some new classes and more cosmetics (Would even buy them in the store if there are cool ones) ! :slight_smile:

Second…thx so much for this game, it is absolutely great ! Even better than VI !

Everyone playing the same character would break lore, so it’ll never be done, but there’s already mods on the modded realm that do that if you really want to play it. I dunno if there are plans for new classes, but they’ve added new cosmetics multiple times now, and will probably keep doing so.

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