The Darktide Four?


where is this picture from?

PC gamer article I think, if anyone have a scan I could take it =p

More photos:

I must say: how badly modern children treat books and magazines. A new copy, and already burnt on top.

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Only four :flushed:

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It didn’t matter anyway…

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The Ogryn counts as 2


#PremiumContent :upside_down_face: for the future.

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Why is there two basically same guardsman? They have the same armor, similar silhouette (except for helmet), and even same weapons in trailer (aside from chain\powersword). There’s so many options to use and we end up with 2 similar characters.


I just saw hounds in the new Gameplay trailer, or atleast quadruped opponents (a thing that was suggest for V2 for a long time, like Giant Rats and Chaos Hounds) and kinda expecting them for the Chaos Wastes DLC for V2 now… :flushed: Other than that this game seems to be the usual stuff just in another setting… I don’t know but it seems like character-wise this is far off the U5 when it comes to depth and diversity, but hey, you can’t really tell for sure now. The 2 of a kind-stuff was a thing in V2 aswell with Kruber and Saltz, well kinda.

Ok, looks like its a priest, a guardsman, an Ogryn and perhaps a Scion Tempest soldier (or so I think).

Well there’s still the possibility of careers or even just whole new characters later on. That or they’re going for an approach much closer to the original L4D games. I honestly wouldn’t mind if it ended up just being L4D3 with a war hammer paint scheme on top

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As much as I want the focus to be on ranged weapons as I wrote elsewhere, I hope the ogryn’s an absolute beast in melee in terms of battering enemies around considering how huge and strong those guys are vs puny guardsmen.

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I hope I’ll not be forced to play Rose Tico lookalike there with the hammer.

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