News of the classes from article in EDGE magazine

  • 4 Classes we know of so far. Zealot, Psyker, Veteran and Ogryn. Each will have their own ulti as before.

  • Zealot: Charge and if you target an enemy it interrupts and locks them in melee.

  • Veteran get an extra zoomed aim that grants increases HS dmg.

  • Psyker can overheat like Sienne and explode.

  • Ogryn is kinda the opposite to Bardin. His POV is above everyone else and his hits makes lesser enemies fly

taken from reddit

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zealot is the minostorum priestess im guessing

Veteran could mean either of the two guardsmen shown but im guessing the male with full carapace, since he had inquisitorial iconography, suggesting he is working for the inquisition for a while now.

psyker is good news, not surprised, i guess no more speculating if the cloaked guy on the boxart has a staff or shows a barrel…

i read, the reddit post, and he mentions character customisation,

"Weapon loadout and customization will dictate more what you bring to the party than the choice of class."

(note that the author uses “class” loosely. He reffers to the ogryn as “class” for example what i would understand as Hero or character)
this seems to indicate that there won’t be multiple careers per hero like in V2,
i personally don’t think Fatshark would go back to the old V1 modell where the heroes only difference in terms of stats/ability was the acess to specific equipment.

pure speculation but i would suspect that we will have one skilltree per hero with higher complexity
that define playstyle rather than careers with mostly predefined playstyles

If you look at the delay trailer’s subs, the the guardsmen characters are named Veteran 1 and Veteran 2. They are most likely the male and female versions of the veteran class.

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i were convinced the game had named characters much like the vermintide games and customisation to be visuals only, without changing the characters key features, that is aparently wrong.
that makes the term “class” way more fitting…

also having multiple of the same class seems to be possible

A bit sad if we only get 4 classes to start with but perhaps its better than getting eight classes and we have to wait to summer 2023 to play the game.

Anyway, since Vermintide I’m inlove with FS’s melee work and thus the Zealot looks like my new main in September.

It will be interesting with character creation though. I think I suggested as much for Vermintide 3 a long while ago but I didn’t expect to see it. Still I hope it works well and we can get more classes further down the line without being locked in by the lore of the characters. For example Sienna only being able to wield the Aqshy wind and thus we are locked out from other types of mages in Vermintide.

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Good news on the “Sienna” Front. Imprium human psykers can use a wide variety of elemental attacks. Bio Electrics…flame, i belive there is a type called Divination, Telekanisis is common


yeah psykers can offer insane amounts of variety,
tho im a bit sad they went the route of “use to much you explode, like sienna.”
i would loved it if, the more you tapped into the warp the worse effects occure, like allowing lesser deamons to manifest or your powers to become uncontrollable and harming your team, or even giving the psyker false visions of enemies (imagine starting to see 20 gutter runners in vermintide that would be scary) that would also be quite entertaining seeing a psyker loose his “pants” to non existing enemys also decently lore accurate for psykers easily can get mad

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While cool with psykers goings nuts, I think that harming the team or becoming a burden for the team could encourage a certain nasty response to players going for psykers, especially as they are learning to play the class, so I think in this regards its better to be safe than sorry.


It would be cool if they used a system simmilar to uhhh…the Psyker in warhammer 40k inquisitor martyr. If you have played that. Though that could REALLY upset the balance and incite trolling


i do get where you’re coming from but i feel like it would still be worth it, i mean there are certain weapons in V2 that are more than capable to utterly destroy another player, masterwork pistol or BH ult comes to mind, so i don’t really think a “punish team for missmanaged warpcharge” is that crazy, and i don’t think that miss managing your energy would harbor a higher amount of hate than a FF ult on BH. for as the learning factor they would have to make sure that the psyker player really knows that the he is the cause, of these negatives effects and why he is, that could be solved with voicelines and Ui indicators etc

i have played that, i also played a psyker, tho i can’t really recall exactly what the drawbacks were exept spawning deamons around you

I don’t know, that would be pretty true to the setting if nothing else. In my Dark Heresy campaigns, we really appreciated the utility our psyker could provide but, boy, could things go wrong in a hurry. We did our best to keep him out of harm’s way and unstressed, anything to give positive modifiers to that willpower test.


It would also be true for Warhammer fantasy, where there is 3 (+1) tables where you have to roll Chaos interventions (after the spell for profane caster)