Gamereactor confusion: Warhammer 40,000: Darktide's Class Overhaul: Making up for past missteps

Hello there is something strange with the new publication by Gamereactor.

The video on the site is an interview where they at the start talk about the Zealot:

But right next to the video the text says:

The Veteran, for example, can now be a leader figure, bolstering the rest of your party with damage buffs and resistances, or they can slink off into the shadows, gaining the ability to turn invisible and deal big damage when coming out of it.

Which honestly sound like a simple error where the Journalist switched the Zealot and the Veteran.

Can anyone from FS confirm if there has been a mix-up ?

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uh no they can talk about more than one character, lol. there are 4. still more news than we’ve gotten on psyker and ogryn archetypes.

But they don’t talk about Veteran during the interview no ?

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Its really just going to be the difference between kerillian shade (death cult assassin) and Kruber Huntsman (Sniper).

DCA zealots learn the art of assassination from schools and cults. This usually has a ritualistized melee element but can include ranged work. Whereas snipers are military specialists. Both are tabletop 40k models so it makes sense.


Yes, but it’s strange that it’s not mentioned in the interview (No mention of Veteran at all), and the Zealot part I screenshooted isn’t mentioned in the blog

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Best news was that they’ve done a balance pass on enemies for the upcoming changes to the skill trees. It does make sense that we, as players, will get more powerful with all the combinations of abilities and perks and the game in its current state would not be as challenging. I do however hope that they’ll do a balance pass on weapons and also blessings.


Do they need to? You can totally convey info about more than 1/4 of your game, and they did.

I feel like you’re not understanding what I’m saying, the blog is written about the video interview, said interview mentioned the Zealot getting: “preacher over into the buffing support characters and into the more specific purging inclined, death cult assassin type classrooms”

This isn’t mention anywhere in the blog. And on the other side we have “The Veteran, for example, can now be a leader figure, bolstering the rest of your party with damage buffs and resistances, or they can slink off into the shadows, gaining the ability to turn invisible and deal big damage when coming out of it.” which isn’t mentioned at all in the video interview.

Either the Journalist switched the 2 archetypes (Human error) or he has information from another source and forgot to speak about the Zealot information

No, you’re misunderstanding the point of an ad. The video has literally all that much mention of Zealot, just like the article has that much info about Veteran. Because the information and the update is still about the class system.

I don’t get how he was obligated to expand on either, honestly I would rather hear about the other 2 but knowing Fat Shark’s style by now they are obviously holding the classes we want to see reworked the most until last. Its an article about the class system, those are 2 teasers for 2 of the characters. Nothing more to read into.

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Hopefully “rebalancing the enemies to make them tougher” isn’t code for “making the enemies tougher so we can reduce the numbers of them because consoles can’t handle that many models on screen.” Wouldn’t that be unfortunate? This would be a classic Fatshark move.


Its a hype machine post, as you say

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This was what had me worried. Spongey trash needs to not be in the game, because it literally undoes the satisfying feeling of the combat.

Really hope they revise the crafting with this class update. If they don’t people will realize why they left in the first place; then leave again.


You’re also going to be able to change up the strengths of your characters on the fly, as when you load into a game you can see the abilities your teammates have chosen.


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Me too…
There are so many weapons that have problems:

  • revolvers and shotgun: need more ammos
  • recon lasgun: boost was good, MK II and VIII are a little weak
  • bolter… definitively too strong. If it is explosive shells, why does it cleave? if you remove the cleave, the weapon would be balanced
  • ripper guns: they are a little too strong (however, far from the bolter)
  • heavy stubber: a little too strong (gorgonum)

  • ogryn’s cleaver: a little too strong, compared to other ogryns weapons. and yes it is the cleaver that need a “nerf”
  • catachan sword: so many blessings that are totally useless. A weapon reserved to one class with only 1 blessing combination… this weapon is too weak
  • catachan combat blade: this weapon was great with the too strong toughness reduction. They nerfed toughness reduction (and that was needed) but now we can see that the weapon is a little weak compared to others
  • chains weapons: there something to do with them. I believe it is linked to the cleave others weapon have. Any weapon that has cleave in game is better than weapons than have not… cleave system should be inspected. The differences between cleaving weapons and non cleaving weapons could, or be lowered, or cleave weapons should be less efficient against single target and non cleave really better against a single enemy. Anyways, FS needs to do only one thing here… make the chain weapons somewhat useful, cause actually these weapons are not good.
  • Thunderhammer: a boost of shock & awe would be great… perheaps increase by 20% the enemy hit mass reduction (sidenote: I am maybe bad at hammer, but crucis is hard to use with shock & awe and on ironhelm it is better but difficult to use as this hammer has less power so less chances to one shot the first enemy you hit with your swings)
  • BM is making weapons too strong compared to weapons that don’t have it. Devastating strike: 4 tiers, one effect. FS needs to rework BM, devastating strike, deathblow…
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Let‘s hope that does not absolutely cripple BB psykers.
If it removes a bunch of breakpoints…


You mean the other Ogryn weapons that have damage caps, clunky heavy swings and pretty horrible blessings? those weapons? Going to disagree with you that they are infact fine. If they do increase the health pools of enemies and the weapons remains unchanged alot of the power of a character is going to come from the feats and perks, which might work out since we have not seen them yet but it does not fill me with confidence that the underperforming weapons are going to become better without changes.


Honestly I won’t argue with you on several weapons. I did not test everything on Ogryn. I tested (as melee)the cleaver, the latrine shovel (which is really fine) and power maul.
However, playing ogryn is easier than with any other class. That’s not something bad, Ogryns are strong.
But cleaver is a monstrous weapon, I am not even sure it is not better than a CA. This is a too strong weapon.

Cleaver is strong, mostly against poxwalkers, groaners, assault teams and shooter groups. It does not however work well with anything above that in armor class. The latrine shovel has a damage cap on three targets, with horrible damage falloff which means that the last target hit in an attack will not recieve any meaningful damage. And it still seems to be hard to get weakspot hits from some attack chains on the latrine shovel aswell. Is there any noteworthy blessings that you feel is not outdone by what other weapons get?

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Agree… especially with BM.
However, even with this bad design, the weapon is fine.

well, a lot of blessings have been pointed…
pinning fire, BM etc.
For pinning fire, total personal opinion, I don’t think this is the main problem.
Problem is more that a lot of blessings are useless and you have few choices really useful.

But, maybe blessings that increase damage could be reduced a little… don’t know if it is a good idea however.